Make SURE your PCE discount posts...

  1. Hey all,

    I hope this is not a typical experience but wanted to pass it along.

    I bought a Gigi tote today (pics coming in a separate thread) and after my PCE card was scanned and I paid with my debit card I innocently asked "so, what was my discount?" turns out the discount didn't post! So, the SAs went into panic mode, voided my transaction and reran it. Your discount should show up on your receipt if it works correctly.

    I hope my experience was a fluke but just wanted to pass it along. I am so happy my SAs jumped all over my situation and fixed it pronto! :wlae:
  2. Thanks for the info. I will be sure to check my receipt before I leave the store! :yes:
  3. The cards are tricky to scan, they sometimes don't like to and until you hear a beep- it hasn't scanned yet!
  4. That nearly happened to me -- I always like to estimate the total in my head so I'm not totally shocked by it -- and when it came up well over what I thought it should be, I asked "is that with the discount?" Well no, turns out she'd forgotten to scan the card.

    Ever since the Nordstrom Rack SA charged me a 2nd time for a Marc Jacobs bag *I was returning* and I didn't notice until I got home and looked at the receipt, I've made a point of being more attentive while things are being rung up. :smile: (That one ended well, thanks to the awesome CS at Nordstrom Visa.)
  5. I've never shopped at the Nordstrom Rack before. Are there good deals there and is it pretty much the same stuff at the Nordstrom store is it like a Ross? I once saw a Coach straw tote at a T.J. Max. I thought it was strange to see that there.
  6. Like any discount place, it's hit or miss, and some locations are better than others. This particular one used to have quite a few Coach and Marc Jacobs bags, but now it's mostly stuff like Helen Welsh and Hobo and the like. Also, any time they have a Marc Jacobs bag, it's always marked with a big "Cannot be returned - final sale only" tag. Go figure.
  7. May I ask, what's the PCE discount percentage supposed to be? (PCE newbie here, sorry!) Thanks in advance.
  8. My DH got one in the mail in September and it was for 25% off (and he's NEVER even bought anything from a Coach retail store nor at Department stores, he's only bought a few items at the Coach Outlets in CA). And I've never gotten a PCE card even though I've bought tons of Coach from ALL sources over several years now. :confused1: Go figure!?!