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goddess ^_^
Mar 3, 2007
Honolulu, HI
Definitely... That's what happened to me twice, once with my Foresta BV and with my Paradiso BV.

With my Foresta BV, I got a bag with totally different placement (land was shown, I recieved mostly trees). I contacted the seller and they said they were a warehouse so they only use stock photos (which I feel should always be mentioned in the auction, but that's just me) and they offered me my money back or a % off if I wanted to keep it. Because I had been looking to get a Foresta BV for soooo long at a good price and the placement I got was still cute, I kept it and got some money back.

For the Paradiso BV, I won the auction for one with my perfect placement, but saw another auction up from the same seller with the same bag. So I e-mailed him/her and mentioned the stock photo and that I bought the bag with the intention that the bag shown was what I'd be getting and if not I want my money back. Thankfully the person did have that bag still and sent it out.

As a lot of the girls have said on here before, some sellers just don't know that print placement is IMPORTANT and some sellers just might be lazy to take individual photos.


tOkIdOkI bLoOmEr
May 22, 2007
You are right absolutely right! Some sellers just assume that all the bags have the same value. I feel that if a seller is reusing the same pic for different auction, this should be mentioned upfront. Otherwise, buyers have the right to file a SNAD with Paypal.