Make room, ladies! I'm joining the club!

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  1. When the Luggage was first released, I couldn't get passed the silly robot face. However, after many years of looking then appreciating then obsessing, I came to realize that silly robot face gave the bag character! Well, one particular color combo caught my eyes months ago and wouldn't you know it? My local Neiman's had one left in stock and I thought, this is it! She is meant to be mine! So without further ado and no dragged out reveal from me .... Here she is! Miss Micro Luggage!!!


    I was so naughty, but I figured, the last one? It was a sign! Thanks for letting me invade the Celine club!!
  2. Lovely color combo!! Congrats!
  3. Congratulations but it's a slippery Celine slope from now on
  4. Love it! Congrats!
  5. Love your Micro!!! I have one with a canvas "face" as well and think it gives it a nice Summer touch! Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
  6. Thanks, everybody! I'm really excited to jump on the bandwagon!
  7. Beautiful!!! I was just looking at this bag. FYI, there is a never carried one for sale at Ann's fabulous finds for $2100!

  8. Thank you! And I hope the one from Ann's is calling someone's name and they too purchase this gorgeous bag!
  9. Maybe it'll be me - your pic is really tempting! What a lovely combination of colors. I wonder if the canvas makes it significantly lighter in weight than an all drummed or smooth micro?
  10. what a beautiful bag.nice color combination too!

  11. Ohhhh! We can be bag twins! And the canvas makes it A LOT lighter. The SA had specifically mentioned that and I could also feel it when I held it. I was a bit worried about the weight since I have heard that the Luggage is very heavy when empty, but being that it's mostly canvas, it's not heavy at all!
  12. Such a beautiful bag!!! Love the micro size! Congrats!!!
  13. Are you at all worried about how to clean it if the lighter canvas gets dirty?
  14. Thanks, Auvina!!

    Uh, no. Not really. I don't think of those things when I buy bags, but I'll probably be a bit more careful with this one because of the lighter canvas.
  15. what a beauty, congrats!