Make-over on a man

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  1. Although a man I find nothing more relaxing than to have my toenails painted.

    In return, I do make-up for a few women friends.

    Ever put make-up on a man?
  2. I agree pedicures are relaxing. I don't know any men who use make-up. Do you use it for color or as a cover-up?
  3. ive seen some men wear makeup. although it's mostly those wanting to be emo, who line their eyes.

    I did see a guy at the MAC store once asking to be matched for concealer and powder.
  4. Hmmmm....bronzer maybe but make-up on a guy freaks me out a bit
  5. Agree with Clake76 - makeup on guys aren't my thing.
  6. Billy Joe's eyes (Green Day) look dashing with that dark eyeliner...but he's a rocker. I suppose they can get away with anything.

    I've seen our local news and weather guys with lots of makeup and they do look weird.

    I suppose it's nguys wearing makeup is not socially accepted, yet.
  7. Not sure about a full makeover, however I think eyeliner looks really good on men, a lot of middle eastern men wear kohl, it's a tradition because it used to act as an eye protection for bedouins living and travelling through the deserts.

    I've also seen mothers put it on their little sons' eyes, it's really cute with their 'darker' skin tone.
  8. Sorry but appart from rockers (only for shows) it's a total turn off.
  9. my bf lets me put makeup on him. too bad i deleted the pics already! i found putting lipstick on him to be the hardest! he has no upperlip and barely a lower lip. when i was putting it on, i had wonder "how do we even manage kissing?" :graucho: