Make over from panda

  1. Inspired by Christina last thread, I decided to give "fun" look to "classy bag"
    It's not bad,I used to put it as pochette extender..

    what do you think? is it too much?
    DSC03892.JPG DSC03894.JPG DSC03895.JPG
  2. So cute! Love seeing the pandas. :biggrin:
  3. so cute....especially on the alma!!!
  4. like the placement of the first 2 pic's.. looks great:smile:
  5. At the moment I put in n #3 , I like to move it around :biggrin:
  6. So cute.
  7. thanks ladies !!finally I can put panda to work :biggrin:
  8. It's cute, I like it!
  9. Too cute:biggrin:
  10. its cute! i like where it is on the side #3.
  11. I like it! Great idea!
  12. I love how it looks on your damier speedy! So cute :heart: Thanks for sharing the pictures :smile:
  13. i think it makes those bags look younger...which is good...
    good idea!!!
  14. gorgeous!
  15. Diggin' it on the Alma. Very cute!