'Make Offer' how do i do that

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  1. so many sales have choice of BIN or starting price and also MAKE OFFER i can't seem to be able to do that on my listings? don't see the choice it's prob staring me in the face thanks for help!:confused1:
  2. Just click on the best offer panel and it will give you a box to enter the amount. Let us know what you win, good luck.
  3. I think you are asking how to add best offer to your own listings, right? First of all, if your listings are auction style with a BIN price you cannot do best offer, so that could be your problem. The listing has to be a fixed price style listing, or a store inventory listing. In that case, there is a little box to check right below where you enter your BIN price that says "accept offers" or something to that effect. I hope that helps!
  4. Are you trying to offer a Best Offer for one of your items? If you are, then you first have to have at least 10 feedback and you have to do a fixed price listing. It won't work with a regular auction setting where people can bid.

    To do a Best Offer, go to the "Selling format" section in the Sell Your Item form. Then select the box that says Best Offer. You can choose to respond automatically to offers or do it as they come.

    If you are offering a best offer for an item that you want to buy, then just enter the highest amount you would be willing to pay for the item and click make offer.
  5. yes thanks i want it for things i am selling.....ok so have to go back to the beginning and choose fixed price right....will be back here if i can't find it!!! thanks!
  6. You're welcome! If you want faster help, you could also click on "Live Help" next to "Site Map" on the far top right corner of the Ebay homepage and a representative will show you detailed step by step. They're great helpers!