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  1. Guys, I've searched and searched on TPF to make sure that this hasn't been started yet and gosh help me if it has, I'm so sorry - but if NOT - hey, there's a new show on Bravo!
    I missed the initial "meet the models" last night at 11:00 PM after Project Runway (I was way too tired) - THOUGHTS?

    Here's about the show as well as the models competing:|CAMP016Supermodel_Brand|ADGP014Brand_Specific|KWRD020make+me+a+supermodel&sky=GGL|CAMP016Supermodel_Brand|ADGP014Brand_Specific|KWRD020make+me+a+supermodel
  2. I haven't seen the episode yet but I :heart: Tyson Beckford. So yummy! Yummy yummy yummy! :biggrin: You all know why I'll be tuning in.. ;)
  3. I saw the one last nite that introduced the contestants. I like the fact that we get to vote who will stay each week. Lets just hope there isn't a Sanjaya in the midst!
  4. Open Calls always get some crazy people! I wasn't paying attention completely, but what I do remember is the guy who was a couple different nationalities and said his skin color was unique (not), he was skinny which was a plus (unless you are skinny and ripped, you do not have a plus for being skinny), and my fav was that he thought his being gay was unique! I don't think I will go out of my way to watch this only because I'm not sure about the format quite yet...
  5. I think this worth a 2nd watch when it offiially premieres. I think I will like it.
  6. I'm such a dork that I voted in the online vote for who would get to stay of the six the picked. Most of them couldn't even name a designer,really. I picked the ones who seemed to know the most about the industry based on their Q&A and they happened to be the ones that won. Maybe I'm the only one who voted. :lol:
    &I don't think this is something that I'll be terribly upset about missing..but who knows.
    And Tyson Beckford seems like a cool guy. He gets a :tup: from me as a model-turned-tv-host-thing (unlike..Heidi Klum).
  7. Yay! I saw another running of the contestant picking. What I think I'm going to like a lot is the fact that Nicki and Tyson are just so NICE! They don't have this cut-throat attitude about them - I really like this!
    Of course, during the pre-show they kept showing the premiere you got to see most of the people who won anyway.
    I think this looks like a great show.
    The one thing that's making me CRAZY about my thread starting here is that I should have said "Make me a SUPERMODEL" (one word) not "super model"....:rolleyes: Sorry!
  8. I think I'm going to like this show. The hosts appear genuine...
  9. Is this on tonight?
  10. Yup! @10, I think
  11. Then chop chop ladies! I'm PST so it'll be awhile till it's on! I'm excited! :wlae:
  12. So..where's the online voting?
    What am I missing? :confused1: I don't see it on bravo's site.
  13. So weird. I don't get this.
    And last night reminded me of a nudist show. Let's see how naked everyone's wiling to get! The class factor went down by like 3 notches for me.
    I know I know - it's all about how they look on the runway, half naked or not....
  14. i watched 2 episodes....its okaaaaayyyy, not great :smile:
  15. Oh, man. More of this stuff?