Make It Or Break It on ABC Family

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  1. Please don't tell me that I'm the only one watching this! I love watching gymnastics shows, and that's what drew me to this one.
  2. I have been watching it too. I'm not completely into it so far but it will do for the summer. I love Susan Ward playing the mom, she's too funny!
  3. I'm watching & loving it.
  4. ^Is it like a series similar to the movie "Stick It"?
  5. I love gymnastics, so I was really excited about this show. I am also not totally into it yet, but I will keep watching for now. :smile:
  6. yeah..I haven't like fallen in love with it yet-kinda like how when Secret Life of the American teenager first started but it grew on me, but I'll keep watching it. It's good for the summer though since there really isn't that much other shows to compete with.

    The guys are pretty cute though- the coach!
  7. I am so excited that Candace Cameron is on the show. She is gorgeous!!
  8. I really like this show :smile:
  9. anyone watched it tonight?
    I love how Lauren always does her braids!!!

    BTW, I hope they're not gonna do a pregnancy storyline on this show cause that has already been so done and over with.
  10. I'm hooked on this show. I love gymnastics so I was really excited about this. I haven't seen the new ep from last night, but I DVR'd it.

    True, the pregnancy storyline has been done, but never in a setting like this. It's not like a teenager who gets pregnant and has to quit, like, cheerleading for 9 months and then goes back. There's no going back in gymnastics. Pregnancy is pretty much a career-killer...Which is why I don't think they will go there. Unless they go the abortion route...Which I don't think they will on ABCFamily.
  11. glad I'm not the only one hooked on this show.

    BTW..Emily seems to be getting most of the guy's attentions
  12. I love it when they put braids in Lauren's hair, it looks so cute...reminds me of LC from the hills. I love Candace Cameron on the show too. She looks great!
  13. I'm so happy for this thread-I'm really getting into it as I love gymnastics also-and it is pretty well written, IMHO. First time I've watched ABC Family in awhile!
  14. I love it and I love razor. :P This summer all I'm watching is abc shows! 10 things i hate about you, this and secret life.
  15. Me too! I love all the damn braids! if only I knew how to do them myself..mine always ends up looking stupid and noone in the house knows how to do them.