Make it a Triplet! Arrival of yet another, prune Heloise

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  1. Finally, :yahoo:. She is def a keeper:tup:. At first I was worried that it will be too heavy, but she is actually the same weight as the paddy. And due to the flat portion of the handle, she is easier to carry than the paddy. The leather is so soft and smoochy, yummy!

    BTW, llson and Tag: Did you get that authentication card in your bag? Like the one you get for Chanel bags?? There is one in my bag and its number matches the serial number inside the bag.
    P1010293.JPG P1010294.JPG P1010295.JPG
  2. Oh wow...she is sooooo pretty and looks fabulous on you!:tup::woohoo:

    I am feeling left out now!!!:crybaby:
  3. Thanx, Mona. Get one, then:heart:. There is a friends and family sale coming up at bloomies, 20% off, maybe Josh can set one aside for you??

    I absolutely love this bag! The color goes literally with everything in my wardrobe, browns, blacks, gray, pinks,....I am in love:love:. Ahh, I can now happily go into a ban:P
  4. I just got the patent bordeoux heloise not too long ago....
  5. Ya'll are killing me with these hot purple heloises!!! Looks great on you!
  6. acshih, CONGRATULATIONS, she looks great on you--don't you just love this bag!!:heart: I haven't checked the authentication card, will have to check that out tonight,
    Yes, the purple Heloise has spawned triplets, who is going to make it quadruplets??:rolleyes:
  7. Gorgeous bag - congratulations
  8. OOOoooooh YEAH girl! That thing looks totally TDF on you. I WANT ONE!!! I am not ashamed to admit it. I want to be a part of the group and if it takes going into major debt - HELP!!!!
  9. You gals with your prune Heloise's!! You think you're ALL THAT!!!!!!! AND YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love IT!
  10. AAAhhhhh! I so want one!!!! THey are just so gorgy! You are soooooo lucky!
  11. Wow what a fabulous bag! I love the prune; you can wear it with such a wide range of colors. Well worth the wait.
  12. Very nice!!! Looks fab on you!!!
  13. sorry duplicate post.
  14. It's absolutely divine, Acshih! :nuts: I'm so happy for you. :yes: May you enjoy your Heloise for many years to come!
  15. Looks fantastic congratulations