Make Chanel strap longer


Jun 2, 2020
Hi everyone,

I’ve been watching YouTube videos about people converting their LV toiletry pouches into crossbody bags by buying “converters”- essentially bag organizers that have holes to clip chains to. I’ve seen a lot of people do this and it looks good crossbody.

My question is: I know about making the WOCs smaller and all that.. but has anyone figured out a way to DIY a non-permanent extension so I can wear my Classic flap crossbody (besides Leather surgeons?)

I love my Chanel medium flap. I poured my blood sweat and tears into buying my dream bag from Paris last year BUT haven’t used it to it’s fullest potential since I prefer crossbody. I’m thinking of reselling it in like 10 years time so leather surgeons isn’t really an option. I want to preserve the original chain.
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May 19, 2008
Omg I was literally going to post this same thing last night. In fact when I saw your post I thought I posted it LOL! I have the same feeling. I did see in a different thread people used a company called mautto (hope I spelled it right!) who had an Etsy shop I looked at and they have some options. For a medium classic I was thinking the mini O rings that go around the grommets with the long classic chain&leather strap OR just an all chain strap to look more intentional and edgy. I love this thread thanks for starting it. I hope some people have done some different things with their medium flaps and like you I really love a good crossbody for a casual day!
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Jun 28, 2020
I do happen to know that if you add inches with leather surgeons, they are absolutely able to remove the extra chain for you if and when you decide to sell your bag. I went through this with a square mini. Gerry lengthened the chain by about 4 inches for me and assured me he could remove the links when I was ready to sell it.
May I ask how much it cost? And how does the finished product look? I wanna make the strap longer too.