Make an offer gone wrong

  1. So on eBay UK you can only make one offer on something. Anyway I made an offer on an Item but entered the wrong amount, so I retracted my offer. Now its saying "You have reached the maximum number of offers allowed for this listing and cannot make another."

    Surley if I have retracted my offer then it should let me re-enter an amount, isnt that what re-tracting is about ?? :wtf: it doesnt make any sense, or I wouldnt of re-tracted my offer in the first place.
  2. It only allows 1 offer, if you restract it, it still means you have made 1 offer. I think its designed to stop being from continually making offers and restracting them. Best thing is to email the seller and discuss with them.
  3. Im so pissed, I went on eBay Live chat and asked them about this...then as she is checking...the item ends, someone made an offer for less than I was gunna make :wtf:. I really am angry at the moment. I cant see the concept of retraction if you cannot re-enter an amount, it doesnt make any sense.
  4. I made the same mistake once -- it does really stink. Hopefully UK ebay will change to the US policy -- I was happy to find it now allows for more than one offer.
  5. Make up another ID and bid again under the new ID. Explain to the seller who you are.
  6. It would be good if you could make more than 1 offer although I do understand why they made it like that.
  7. e-mail seller your offer. if they accept, they can change there listing for the price agreed on.
  8. The thing is, the auction has ended and there was a winner.
  9. Ebay get more ridiculous every day! I will never understand why they don't let a bidder make more than one offer, what is the big deal? Deal being the operative word!
  10. I'm a seller in the US, and people can make up to 3 offers on my bags.

    I don't get why location changes that? Dumb, if you ask me.

    So you make one offer, what if seller counteroffers?
  11. It's actually quite frustrating - ebay Canada is like that too. From the buying side - you can only make one offer.

    From the selling side, if you counteroffer and the person says no - you can no longer then go back and accept the original offer.