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  1. If you could have just one Louis Vuitton item what would it be?
    Handbag, luggage, accessorie, jewlery, watch, etc. and why?

    My wish:

    I would love to have an early 19th century Louis Vuitton Damier Trunk. I would spend my time tracing the history of ownership and use the truck to store all my LV stuff....

    What's your wish??:yes:
  2. "Item" eh.. I'd choose the Champs Elysee store as my own private closet. :graucho:

    There are a lot of cute things that I'd like though, anything from my list of like.. cleo pompeii wedges, ambre cabas GM, speedy tambur, plum le fab, why they'd all be great ! :yes:
  3. Good One......I know of a good closet organizer:biggrin:
  4. If I could have only one item, it would be the batignolles horizontal.
  5. Mine would be a regular monogram trunk to use as a coffee table.
  6. i only really wish for this:

    and maybe own at least 1% of LVMH :shame:
  7. Mine too - I hope to be in the BH club soooooon :crybaby:
  8. uhhhh....I'd like to cage up Mr Gaston Louis Vuitton he can get his people to make me endless LV bags lol ***evil**** muhahahaha! lol jokes jokes
  9. I would want a trunk of course! :love: :tender:
  10. Hmm I would love a fringe speedy, Oskar , Inclusion in berry , those pumpkin / skull keychain. a mirrior silver speddy and the groom collection .......
  11. My wish is on it's way!:graucho:
  12. ^ What is it LV_addict??????? If I had one wish it would be ayla's answer, to have the Champs Elysee store as my own private closet.
  13. :lol: Aaw, can't wait to see pics of you & Oskar!

    Mhhh..., I'd love to have the Mono Theda GM, now that's a gorgeous bag! :love: And maybe another one? :graucho: Suhali L'Ingénieux PM in black!
  14. Hmm...let's see...I would have to say that if I can have one wish LV wise I'd have to go with the Charm bracelet with all the charms on it (the chunky one not the latest one...although that would work too ;))

    While I'd also wish for a Le Fab, this wish is not necessary b/c I COULD get it...I just choose to get multiple bags at the moment so I put the Le Fab on the back burner for now :biggrin:

  15. Yes, nothing beats Ayla's answer!!!:nuts: She is clever!!! That genie better come prepared!!!:lol:

    My ultimate dream bag from LV was Waltz Oskar!:love: