make a suggestion for me?

  1. I am working on being an addict, please help my addiction.


    I am on a limited budget, so eBay or outlet is the way I shop. Here's what I am looking for:

    - preferably signature print, leather would be 2nd choice.

    - large bag. I like to carry a small date-book, a checkbook-wallet, some make-up, a cell phone and a small coffee thermos. Right now, I have a market tote that is probably 13x9x4 and it's not quite big enough.

    - long straps. The straps on my market tote are not long enough for me to wear on my shoulder (I'm plus-sized) and that bugs me.

    - under $200 would make me very happy, and I don't mind buying used.

  2. Well if you are looking to become an addict, you're in the right place. :smile:
    I love the Hamptons totes. Try doing a search for signature Hamptons tote, I think it's about the size you need. Make sure to post in Authenticate This before you buy anything and we can help you determine whether it's authentic!
  3. If you have a TJ Maxx or Marshall's near you, they occasionally have Coach bags that are a season or two older.
  4. I would get your first at an dont want to get ripped off an eBay and then get a bad experience kwim?

    I really agree with Beth, the hamptoms are AMAZING!!
  5. I vote a gallery tote. I bit narrower than the market...but longer over all.

    There's nothing with buying off eBay...just know what you are looking for...and what TO look for in determining an authentic bag. Plus, post questions up in the "authentication" thread. The ladies here always like to help!

    And don't get discouraged...stuff gets listed all the time! If you dont' find what you are looking for now...keep looking.

    Oh...and honestly, the clearance section of outlets can be a god send! I've found some GREAT finds there. (I honestly think I've only paid "retail" for 2 or 3 of my bags...and I own at least 15. yeah...I have a slight problem....)
  6. Patent gallery tote if you can find one!
  7. Oops, you said you preferred signature... in that case, the signature stripe tote! Great first piece and there's a bunch on eBay - make sure you use as many Authentication tools & resources as you can so that you have a good eBay experience!

    Also, check outlets, like deweydrop said!
  8. Thanks, everyone. You have helped me narrow down my search quite a bit. I now have coach gallery -10380 -watch -lunch -double -patchwork -1443 -kenia -pouch as a favorite search.

    I love the patents, but the drop isn't enough. I measured my medium duffle (which does work well on my shoulder at 11") and my market tote (which doesn't at 9") and am starting to figure out what model numbers have a long enough drop and which ones do not.

    Thanks a bunch for all the help, I appreciate it.

    BTW - does anyone know if there is a master list anywhere, with strap length (and drops) of Coach models?
  9. FYI...the straps are adjustable on the patent tote. there are 3 "holes" you can chose from...

    here's a pic (pardon the sweats) of me and my patent tote...straps are set to the middle hole. (I also have an older gallery tote I got off ebay...and that has adjustable straps too.)

  10. The Shoulder Tote is a very nice bag. It carries an amazing amount. It is not too heavy to begin with. It works as a shoulder bag over a winter coat (I'm plus-sized too.)

    I've often thought if I could only have one bag (yikes!) that would be the one.

    If you look on they have a "Try this bag on" feature.