Make a PFers Bag Design Co.??!!! LOL

  1. We can just talk about this like imagining if we can't actually do it, but it's a neat idea, and some of us (or 2, whatev) actually want to make handbags (and some - or 1 - do make them).

    So what might we be called??

    What would be your signature look you'd personally like to go for?

    Fun fun.
  2. Well, I think it's always a good idea to design what you know and what you like, yourself.

    So, at the moment, I'd design clutches and low slung, soft, slouchy shoulderbags, lined in suede (like BV), or Nappa leather. :biggrin:

    How about you, Ella?
  3. Like long straps/low slung?

    I dream of at least two lines - lol.

    One has lots of side decorations (mostly BELTS), mostly satchels, really soft leather/suede big quilted hobos, and totes with different kind of "locks" like sorts of push-locks, no key-into-lock things (not on one bag, I'd have to look through my book to see how I've designed my signature lock). (My three IT styles, he he.)

    Another has classic but new shapes, lots of monogram but equal leather (starting off with just leather), different plaids & wools, lots of pockets, and a good amount of black and brown together, plus good colours on other bags. Ooh and contrast stitching. Lots of what I call "press" locks (round) on those bags. Oh and corner reinforcements with a unique shape (not just like Coach does, or else it'd be like copying). Its signature is like little el's in handwriting; tan jacquard, natch.

    And I like antiqued hardware, and sometimes gold AND silver. I also like light gold like Gucci, but that's THEIR thing.

    Both have lots of rolled leather straps and well-shaped, great-detailed strap attachment leather pieces. Lots of the same details like this on all bags, to have a signature look like say Marc Jacobs.

    I'd also play with current things to make different ones. Like woven wool and quilted suede. And I love getting inspired but making something new. Like I love Chloe's Bay quilting.

    Siighhhhhhhhhhhhh I think I'm about done there. :girlsigh:

    As you might see, I think about this daily.

    Oh I'm so in love with my description daydream right there. :love: Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

  4. Yes. :yes:

    I like my shoulder bags to reast on my hip, not on my ribcage/waist. :biggrin:

    I'd also design very small shoulderbags with long straps, too.

    I don't think they have a copyright on it - plenty of other designers use/have used light gold hardware.

    YSL, for example.

    You have a lot of good ideas, there, Ella! :biggrin:

    It's nice that you're interested in designing, as well as just buying other people's designs. :yes:
  5. Do either of you have photos? I'd be really interested to see what you've both come up with.

    I'm really interested in the whole designing aspect but lack the skills and materials necessary, hopefully when I graduate form design school though...:smile:
  6. I would love to sketch out designs for bags, but I can't sew at all, so I would be bad at making them lol.