Make a Connection...

  1. A person says an expression or phrase, and the next person needs to say another expression or phrase that contains at least one word from the previous expression or phrase

    1st poster - I love TPF.
    2nd poster - I'm always on TPF.
    3rd - I always forget something.


    First phrase :

    We dont need more than he said she said.
  2. I Need a new bag!
  3. I love Chanels when it comes to BAG!
  4. LoVe is the new love.
  5. Love is all you need!
  6. I don't think I fully get it...
  7. lol, you have to look at the last post and simply choose one word to use in your post. It's very simply, like this:

    Your post: I don't think I fully get it
    I choose a word: I don't think I fully get it
    and I make a new post with that word ....

  8. Don't eat yellow snow!
  9. I would love a yellow birkin
  10. She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini
  11. i just bought a bikini from burberry
  12. Burberry is an awesome brand!
  13. Not as awesome as Bottega Veneta...
  14. I will NOT ignore Chanel.
  15. Coco Chanel is the ultimate fashion icon!