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  1. For all of you in, or who went to, college, how many times did you change your major? I'm just wondering because my university is seems pretty common to change it at least once.
  2. I started as English major but picked up Comms later and ended up double majoring.

    I knew a lot of people that didn't declare for a long time.
  3. hehe...2.5 times :smile:

    Beginning of college:

    Biology & Pre-Med

    Middle of college:

    Biology & Secondary Education


    Business administration :smile:
  4. i started in "visual communication design" and graduated in the same major :P
    i love my classes...
  5. I changed once. I started with a business administration major and changed to elementary education with a minor in psychology. I'm not really putting that degree to use. I work for the state public employee retirement system. :smile: I should have stayed with my original major.
  6. It's interesting to see how many changed and why. I sometimes feel to certain professors try to get you to change to their field.
  7. I never changed: Integrated Language Arts (English Education 7-12) from the vary start. Along the way I added a minor in Comparative Arts and a minor in Communications Studies. For my major I had to take a butt load of classes in both of my minors, so I figured I would just tack them onto my degree and take the extra hours needed to get a complete minor.
  8. I started out as a biology major, I switched to Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology---> didn't really like the advisors in the NBB program so I then switched back to biology then I decided that biology alone wasn't cutting it for me so I double majored in Russian Area Studies as well. I graduated with a degree in Biology concentrating on Evolutionary Biology & Russian Area Studies.

    I think it's pretty common to switch majors. At 18 it's very hard to decide what you want to do with your life. I think a lot of people pick something because their parents encouraged it, or they thought it sounded interesting when they were younger. People change, interests change. I don't think there's anything wrong with changing majors if it makes a person happy.
  9. I started out as English and Japanese but I picked up Chinese later and was going to minor...didn't want to deal with linguistics courses and a lot of requirements were similar across Japanese and East Asian Studies so I switched. Also added a psych minor this year (I'm a senior!). Lots of flexibility. I know people who changedd later than me with a lot more requirements left to fulfill and they're doing fine. Are you thinking about changing?
  10. No, not yet but still haven't taken any major classes yet. I will in the summer or next fall. I'm declared in communications.
  11. One change; from psych to poli sci. Both are sort of useless in the real world, but I feel I received a good liberal arts education. How does anyone at the age of 18 know what field is right? A few, possibly, but most don't.
  12. Stuck with the same one (after finishing up my general ed classes): Justice Studies and Social Inquiry, with a minor in Sociology
  13. I have always been Psych and Pre-med, and I'm a senior.

    My mom changed her major about 10 times before she graduated (no joke!)
  14. i declared as magazine journalism when i applied to college, and now, 3 years later, i'm still magazine journalism (lol, yes, my university's journalism school gets incredibly specific with their majors). i've added sociology to be able to register for upper-division soci classes, but i'll eventually drop that and have two minors by virtue of how many classes i've taken in each subject: sociology and comparative lit.

    looking back, i should have been a poli sci or international affairs major, but i like my major, it was incredibly difficult to get admitted in to (high-demand majors at my college require an application and essay), and there's no point in changing now! i don't particularly want to be a journalist, though. or at least i don't want to have to move across the country to do it.
  15. i'm doing a joint major in economics-political science. i did most of the required courses for econ already. they're so much harder than the poli-sci ones! after college, i'm planning to do either banking or law school after graduation.