Majorelle - YSL HK

  1. Hey girls, I just dropped by the YSL shop today hoping to get more info on the majorelle - and well, while they still don't carry it (not until March they said), they however, have a 2008 catalogue available now and I saw that the Majorelle will only come in patent leather (black, white, camel and magenta). I have been looking forward to seeing this bag IRL after seeing the picture but well, I have to say I would've loved it in a non-patent one and thus my bubble has somehow burst, haha - keeping my fingers crossed though, who knows! :confused1:
  2. i saw and tried it today and i absolutely love it in patent! but i think the crackled patent has a little 'too much' crackles in it.. i can't wait to see the magenta patent! it's gonna be so hot! :graucho: