Majorelle in camel now available on

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  2. That's a pretty color, and you're right it looks like patent. May be its glazed leather???? I hate it when BG or NM don't include details in their listings, such as size, interior color/material, etc.
  3. ^^^ITA, especially about including the dimensions. (And even when they do include the dimensions, they are often WRONG, lol!)

    Anyway, I am totally obsessing about this Majorelle. I think I NEED it. :P
  4. I keep coming back to look at this bag. Would love some other opinions. :yes:
  5. I love this too! I'm pretty sure its patent and the measurements are 14½"W X 11½"H X 7"D. I saw the lookbook from the YSL boutique and I know they have camel, magenta, blue, black and ivory. NM even has a special exclusive, I think its navy blue with silver handles. I'm on the wait list for that. You should totally go for it Cosmo!
  6. I ordered this bag in Magenta. It is patent, but I found the bag really large--at least for me it was. It seemed really wide as well--it just didn't suit me. I'm only 5'4 and small boned. I don't carry enough stuff to come close to filling it up--it's really roomy! I had to send it back.

    The magenta color was kind of dark--almost burgundy, or a purple-ish deep pink. It wasn't what I was expecting, especially since BG described the color as fushia.

    On a positive note, I was really impressed with the quality of the bag.
  7. ^^^Thanks for the enabling Aurora!!! ;) The navy blue is great too. Definitely post pics when you get it.
  8. ^^^Thanks for your review snowwhite. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. :sad: It was the Medium size that you ordered? My other three YSL bags are all super-big--Oversize Muse, Large Downtown, Large Tribute--so I guess I figure that if I buy this Medium Majorelle, it would be average size by comparison.
  9. I've "played" with the Majorelle in black patent, magenta patent, a lighter "cornflower blue" patent and in black leather. As much as I WANTED to love the bag, it just wasn't doing it for me. Here were my "problems" with the bag:

    1) The strap drop is about an inch too small to really work on the shoulder nicely. And the more "ladylike" nature of the bag doesn't really lend itself to the bag looking great on the shoulder.

    2) As for carrying it in the crook of the arm, the medium (seems to be "standard" size that NM/Saks/Nordy's carry) has a base that's too wide. It looks kinda odd when it "poofs" out from your body.

    3) I think the bag needs a little more structure since once you put your things in there, the bag gets misshapen. I think the regular leather version would probably get more "squishy" than the patents.

    Things I liked about the bag:

    1) The "crinkled" patent texture is absolutely beautiful--no fingerprint issues! The colors are very vibrant and well saturated--I didn't like the cornflower blue though--too washed out to me.

    2) Nice "large" opening which unzips with two zippers.
  10. ^^^ *Sigh* Thanks for your comments wickedassin. I value your opinion and trust your good taste, since I've seen here on tPF some of the great bags you've purchased. Its disappointing to hear that there are "issues" with the Majorelle, since we've all been buzzing about it for months now. I will definitely try to restrain my urge to go ga-ga over it and reserve further judgment until I see it IRL and try it on myself. (Still hopeful, though, that it will work for me! :s)
  11. ^^^ Well said, wickedassin. There are some really gorgeous elements to this bag--the crinkled patent and the wide opening, as you said. I also love the shape of the bag, as well as the key and logo tags.

    I just found it too large and too wide for me. Cosmopolitan, yes it was the medium size. My largest bags are my Balenciaga City bags, so I am not accustomed to oversized bags. I'm really drawn to the Muse bags, so that might be the one to break me in to a larger size.
  12. Cosmopolitan, after you put the pictures out I run out to the NM to see the bag (yeh, I am baaaaaad). They had large in white and small(er) in gold. The small gold one was absolutely stunning - the perfect evening bag! Wish I had money for it. :girlsigh:

    I thought the large one was too havy for the size. I probably would have hard time finding use for it, as it is hardly an everyday bag (there is something formal to it...), and it's not exactly a go-out bag. May be its just the fact that I wasn't crazy about the color?
  13. I agree that this is definitely the crinkle patent, regardless of what the description says. I don't personally wear camel, but it does look pretty on the Majorelle and if it's a neutral that works in your wardrobe then I do think this is one of the better patent options I've seen so far for it.

    I like a lot about this bag but haven't had the chance yet to get my hands on one in person and I think I need to do that before making a decision about it. In addition to some of the reports we're getting from those who have tried it, some of the ads in which it's being carried have also made me wonder whether the bottom might be a little out of proportion and too wide for the rest of the bag. But it's really hard to say for sure until I have a chance to check it out.

    In the meantime, I'd love to see modeling pics of any versions in the larger size fellow TPFers have added to their collections!
  14. You're welcome! Thanks for the compliment about my taste! I had been anticipating the Majorelle for MONTHS so I was disappointed when it wasn't eh bag for me. However, this shouldn't stop you from checking it out yourself--it could be the bag you love to bits! Report back! :okay:
  15. they have the fushia too, but no pictures. I really wonder what the fushia one looks like. I guess from what you guys described, the fushia is just like the bordeux, and it looked darker in person :sad: