MAJOR Tiffany VDay situation..advice please!!

  1. Ok, well its not THAT major, and its kinda funny actually. I will start with some background (which includes how I became obsessed w/ tPF - I love you girls & guys!), then get into the story.

    For Christmas this year, I originally wanted the Please Return to Tiffany heart charm bracelet from my boyfriend. I always loved that bracelet, and actually have the round please return to tiffany one, but its from an ex-BF and dont really enjoy wearing it. So, on our way to tiffanys (to buy the bracelet and exchange some other things that I got as gifts) we stopped in Louis.

    OK, some background on Louis. - Always LOVED the speedy, knew nothing about it (didnt even know it was called the speedy and that there were diff sizes, etc) and assumed I would never have one until I became a pharmacist.

    Well, when we walked into LV, the first thing I saw was the damier speedy 25. I fell in LOVE. and it looked so cute on me!! So, when I found out how much it was, jokingly I asked Matt if he would go in on it 50/50 w/ me. He said yes! Instead of buying it right then and there, we ate lunch, thought about it, I called my mom and decided to get it!!! I then had to decide b/w mono and damier (ended up w/ the mono) and briefly looked at some other sizes then baught it!! I didn't have any SA's really help me, just kinda looked around and got the first size I saw, 25 in the mono (love mono!!). best day ever!! Since I really didnt know anything about LV, I decided to look up more info and that is where I came across tPF...I love it and have been hooked ever since!!!

    Ok, back to the bracelet. So, since I never got the bracelet (got the speedy instead), I have been sorta bugging him lately about getting me the bracelet for Vday (we are not hard-core Vday celerators so I dont really expect anything) He kept saying no, not enough money (even though he works ALL the time),etc. BUT he said that I would be very happy on Vday!! - at that point I kinda suspected that maybe he did get it for me...

    So anyway....I was curious and since I never ordered anything from T&Co online, I pretended as if I was going to, then realized I needed an account email and PW. I then wanted to see if maybe Matt got me something from T&Co so I checked his PITT email, then his hotmail (which has a diff pw) well, there was nothing in the inbox or trash, so I looked in all the folders, and in the "eBay" folder (he buys/sells a lot of car stuff on eBay) I found a T&Co receipt!! I did not open it b/c I dont want to know, but I am sure its the heart bracelet! I think its kinda a funny story, and the first person I tell all my funny stories to is him, but I dont know if I should and just act surprised?? Maybe I will tell him a few months later...I dont know.

    I usually hate surprises and just want to know what I'm getting, but lately I have been getting better and I even had enough will power to NOT open the receipt and see what it was. I kinda want it to be a surprise and I am scared that I wont act surprised when I get it b/c I will be expecting it! I wish I never even looked in the first place.. I am so nosey!!! jeeze...

    Thanks for reading and letting me get this off my chest. I'll keep you all posted on what happens!! :love:
  2. Cute story! You just have to update this and show us pics of what you get. Looks like you will have a fabulous valentine's day!:heart:
  3. valentines day is in a few more hours! so you'll find out soon enough =)
  4. HAha!! I really enjoyed reading your post and was laughing the entire time. You are so similar to me in some ways! :p You have a very generous bf! I was especially laughing when I read that you went through his email because I ... :sweatdrop: ... looked through my bf's email last year before Valentine's Day because I wanted to see also. Yes, it was bad and I felt incredibly nosy but I found cirque de so-something (I cant spell it) tickets. I felt giddy and happy thereon afterwards I almost couldnt resist greeting him with a huge smile and confessing that I had found it but I resisted and acted suprised when he informed me. We had a lovely time and I told him a few weeks later that I had found out about it. SO... sorry for going on and on but I think you should just act suprised as it worked out well for me that way.

    BTW, I love the speedy too!!
  5. congratss

    I just recently came back from Tiffanys and got my Vday present from my bf also. I got the return to oval necklace ;)
  6. Thanks! My BF is really generous..he works a lot so he has a nice amount of spending money to buy me presents with. :smile: As for the speedy, we split the price of the bag 50/50 (he paid a little more b/c he paid for the tax :p ). Anyway, I am glad to hear that you checked ur BFs email too and I am not the only one! I think I will stick w/ the plan of acting surprised (b/c actually I don't know for sure what he got me from Tiffany's) and tell him in a few weeks. I am sure he will think its funny. :heart: I'll keep you posted!!