Major Thrift Score!

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  1. So, I was bored on my lunch hour today, and decided to pop into the Salvation Army thrift shop down the street... Normally, I won't go in that store. It's too dirty and most of the stuff is Walmart-circa-1990 crap... But like I said, I was bored, so...

    I found a cute little Limoges tea cup for 45 cents, then figured I'd go through the jeans rack... Lo and behold... A HOT pair of Salt Works jeans, brand new looking, and only $4.50! :yahoo:

    Girls, if you've never tried these jeans before... GET A PAIR! My @$$ looks awesome! I looked on their website and couldn't find an exact match of my pair, which makes me think they're from a previous season, but Here is a similar pair... for $175 dollars!

    Okay, I'm done now...
  2. Wow!!
    Don't you just love a great bargain!!
  3. That's great! I always poke a round second hand stores, but I never find anything good.
  4. I've always wanted to go to one of these stores to check them out. A friend found a LV speedy for 25 bucks, and yup it was authentic.
  5. Score! I always try and drag my friends into second-hand stores but they don't like having to search for the deals. Then they get mad when I come up for air with a bargain. Way to go on the jeans and the Limoges!
  6. i love salt works! you can usually find them on sale for great deals.
  7. Wow! I'm always so jealous when I read about thrift store scores! We don't really have any in Singapore, and so it's all foreign to me. Good job on this fab find! :flowers:
  8. heh i love your enthusiasm.... what makes these jeans so great?? what body shape do they suit?
  9. congrats!!!!!!!
  10. Great deal!
  11. i love a bargain too makes the things more pleasurable somehow:love:
  12. Great find! I miss thrifting back home in the US. Thrift stores in the UK totally suck.
  13. they are supposed to be plain but high quality. i guess they are trying to stay away from all the overly in your face type of designs. most just have a tiny logo on the back of the pocket.
  14. I love thrift stores...and frequency is the key. You just have to go often...some days there is nothing...and sometimes you hit the jackpot! Congrats on your jeans...and your tea cup!
  15. lucky you!! i love when that happens!!