Major Spring Dilema Please Help me Choose!!!

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Which Speing Bag Should I Get???

  1. Tobago Shoe Bag in Canelle

  2. Soana Cabas in Gris

  3. Bequia Document Holder in Black

  4. Forget LV ad Get a Gucci Python Bag!

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  1. hey guys it's that time of the year for me to get a new man bag:nuts: but I am having a hard time choosing I will list my choices along with pros and cons so you guys can help me choose also here's a pic of my current LE collection so you guys can see what suits it better thanx...



    1: Tobago shoe bag in Canelle

    Pros: It's LE and sold out world wide, it is bright and it will add some color to my collection.

    Cons: I allready have a Shoe bag, it is too bright it will ruin your dark bag collection you need something black.


    2: Soana Cabas in Gris

    Pros: it is Soana leather it is dark and it will go perfect with my other bags.

    Cons: I allready have a Soana bag, it's not the color I wanted, it has the shape of my Whistler and PDV and it looks like the sac plat from last season just with rolled handels.


    3: Bequia Document Holder in Black

    Pros: it is nice and subtle, it is a good size to carry several things around.

    Cons: Bequia leather gets scratched easily, it has a boxy annoying shape and it looks like a bag an old person would carry.


    4: Gucci Python Back Pack in Black

    Pros: it's Python!!! it is about the size of my Sacoche it has removable straps so it can be carryed in the shoulder and it's TDF!

    Cons: it's Gucci lol it means cheating on my beloved LV and not to mention the 4k sticker.

    So what's it gonna be?
  2. I feel like your leaning more for the gucci python.. if you like it so much get it.

    It's okay for once in a while to venture into other bags beside LV.

    Let us know what you decide!
  3. ^^ I agree it sounds like you are favouring the Gucci ... the shoe bag is nice and not that bright irl;)
  4. ^^^I don't believe it. Traitors!!!! LOL.

    I really like the canelle. You need some color in your collection.
  5. i voted for the Tobago Shoe Bag. i think your collection needs a jolt of colour. i have seen the new Men's Spring bags in person. the Bequia document carrier that made it to production is the landscape orientation instead of the portrait like in the photo you posted. plus the new Bequia bags have this amazing topographic map interior lining. but i have to agree that Bequia scratches too easily. that's why i didn't get the PDV in Bequia.

    but sounds like you really prefer the Gucci. just wait until that bag goes on sale :graucho:
  6. I voted for Tabago shoe bag ! It's gorgeous! :biggrin:
  7. Gucci Python Back Bag! It's a) a different shape, b) different skin c) different brand.
  8. I love the Gucci python and I am not a Gucci fan, but that bag is TDF!!!!!
  9. I voted for the Tobago Shoe Bag in Canelle.

    You need some color in your collection and this bag is so freakin *HOT* that you need to have 2. :biggrin:
  10. i love the Tobago Shoe Bag in canelle:tup:! it's TDF!!!
  11. Gucci...Python is MAJOR! Also it sounds like you're already leaning towards it.
  12. I chose Gucci....

    You already have those styles/leather lines... go with something different/exotic... if it was an exotic LV bag... then that would get my vote! I am getting a Gucci bag soon
  13. ooooooh i love the shoe bag. go for it , you need some color.!!!! good luck.
  14. I voted the shoe bag in canelle. It's a different color and I don't think it's "bright" at all - the color would look great in the summertime with jeans, khakis - I think you it is a bit more casual, and the leather is a nice alternative to your more sophisticated smooth leathers. All of your choices though are great.
  15. I love the Tobago line, so I had to vote for the shoebag.