Major Snaps & Kudos for Casto Creations!

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  1. I was slower than I wanted to be about writing this post because I blew out a disc in my back the first of November and had back surgery last week. Now that I'm up and about, it's time to sing some serious praises here!

    A few months ago, there was a thread where someone was asking about a large milimeter sized pearl necklace. Through that thread, I was blessed to learn much more about Megan's Casto Creations. I've been a jewelry whore for decades, long before handbags and designer shoes entered my life. Because I have a very nice collection of jewelry, there are only a few holes that I've wanted to fill in my collection. One of those has been a 17 inch, 10-12 MM white pearl necklace. The greedy part of me would have LOVED a South Seas pearl necklace, but having champagne tastes on a tap water budget made that prohibitive.

    Megan and I began corresponding about her sourcing some nice freshwater pearls in that size and making a necklace to my picky specifications. It took some work on her part (I'm SO freaking picky!), but last month, she found the most fantastic pearls for a super reasonable price and sent me a picture of them. I gave her the go ahead to make the necklace.

    The pictures were amazing but when the necklace and the matching earrings she also made arrived we all nearly fainted. They are FABULOUS! Perfect pearls, beautiful craftswomenship, every little detail done to perfection. The only bad news is that the necklace is my Christmas present and the earrings are my Valentine's present, so I only got to wear them once before the DH packed them away.:crybaby:

    Overlooking how great Megan is to work with, how fantastic her work is, I simply cannot let it go unmentioned that her pricing is more than fair. Does this sound like a commercial for Casto Creations? Maybe. I just wanted to issue a monster SHOUT for Megan so that if anyone is toying with buying some new jewelry, absolutely get in touch with Megan. You can't go wrong!:yahoo:

    A personal note to Megan: Once I get rid of this "OMG you just had surgery and look like hell" face, I'll have DH take a pic of me wearing the necklace and earrings. It's just a shame that no photo will ever capture their beauty.
  2. Awww. Thanks for posting- Megan is a sweetie!
  3. Nothing better than a personal recommendation. Congratulations on your gifts. :yahoo:

  4. Wow, what a great recommendation! I'm so glad you were able to get what you've been longing for.
  5. Oh :love: :cutesy: You are so sweet!!! I've been meaning to e-mail you and check on your progress too. I hope you're feeling better and able to walk around now!!!

    And thank you so much...really, truly there is nothing better to me than hearing about how someone loves the work I've done and will treasure their jewelry. It always means so much to me when someone is happy!

    And did your hubby tell you that he e-mailed me himself to thank me? LOL That was pretty sweet too. You're a lucky lady! I can't wait to see a photo of you wearing face or not. :smile:
  6. It's a shame you coouldn't take some photos before DH put them away.
  7. I remember Megan posting while she was working on these for you. Can't wait to see them on you!

    P.S. Megan, I love the earrings in your new avatar!
  8. Well, here's me and my goofy "I just had surgery face" though I did actually feel like putting makeup on today and fixing my hair. Aren't these pearls and earrings GORGEOUS!!!! I only wish I could get a shot of them in the sunshine. I've never seen so many rainbows on pearls before!!:nuts:

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  9. Beautiful! I had to bookmark the website and look at it AFTER the holidays.
  10. She has a beautiful website, her love of her art is very evident in all her work, a very wide variety of things, I think everybody will see things they like, and things they don't, but that passion is there in all of it.

    And her site also has a very succinct reference page of information about different gemstones, for people who want to get some basic facts, but might be daunted by a whole encyclopedia.

    She also has stuff that does not cost an arm and a leg, at least for most people, and stuff that will change your mind.

    For instance, I am not a big green bling person, in fact, I am not particularly tied to gemstones and precious metals at all. For me, it's the look, not what it's made of. The only jade I have is a necklace of old black carved beads.

    But just look at THIS green jade bling!


    And then she went and made a necklace to go with it!

  11. Ah,'re so sweet. Where do I send your check? LOL

    I love that Jade too! It is SO nice. If I wore gold I would totally be keeping that set for myself. :graucho:

    Doesn't Miss Prada look GREAT for having just had major surgery!?!?! Forget the pearls, she is the gem! ;)
  12. Congrats, Prada Psycho. I agree that Megan's a star!
  13. LOL CastoCreations! Send it to Prada Psycho, as a token of my atonement for neglecting to welcome her back, and she looks fabulous, though with a smile like that, I doubt she can look any other way.

    The pearls are beautiful, the perfect color for her skin!

    Did you look at it (her skin, I mean) before choosing them or is that just a happy accident of fate?
  14. Prada Psycho, if that is your goofy just had surgery face, You must positively glow usually! You look lovely! And the pearl jewelry is TDF! Kudos to Megan!
  15. A VERY happy accident. :smile: I had been on the lookout for over two months (or maybe it was over a was awhile) and finally was able to get to a show...I looked at every vendor and didn't see anything, didn't see anything and was getting nervous until I got to the very last booth and voila! There they were! :wtf: They were stunning and just in the right price range and I knew they were THE ones.

    They looked even better when I got them home. And I had to fight my mom off of them! lol