Major sale period

  1. hey girls! :smile: i would like to know when is the next major sale period like the one which has been going on recently! all the huge markdowns on bags woooooo :wlae::wlae::wlae::wlae:
  2. i think it's usually june/july and then december (boxingday)/january
  3. oh, and you lucky americans get black friday in november
  4. thanks sweetie! :smile::heart: do all premier designers go on major sale on black friday?
  5. in the states, do you guys have a huge sale around thanksgiving holiday?
  6. i'm from new jersey and so far the biggest sales on black friday are mostly electronics... i haven;t really heard of designer sales that day...

    if anyone knows of any great designer deals in nyc on black friday, please let us know (i live only 15 minutes away)...
  7. Are there typically any Labor Day sales for Handbags in the U.S.?
  8. we all want designer handbag sales! :love:
  9. yeah, black friday mostly has to do with electronics, dvds, cds, etc. stores like jc penney, sears, macy's open early, but it's more to welcome in the holiday buying frenzy. there are deals to be had, but not in high end shops...people who shop those will shop them for holidays regardless of low prices.

    black friday is for best buy, imho. you can get a laptop for $500, dvds for $5 (decent ones too), and dvd box sets for $15...of course the stores open at 5am, and there's 300 people waiting, but it's worth doing once every few years.