major resize- will I be sorry?


Mulberry Baymaniac
Mar 27, 2008
you ladies that have done a major reszise of your collections. Have you ever regretted it? Any thoughts?

Why I ask is because I have looked at my collection today and wondered If I would be happier with a small core collection that I really use. I came to the conclusion that 5 bags might leave home. That would leave me with 5 bags in total. Do you think I will regrett it if I do it?

some of the leave home bags are classics that will be really hard to replace if I sell them, but then again I haven't used them for a while.


I've tried and tried to cut down my collection and just don't seem to be able to do it. Not because I have ever regretting selling any of them because I'm too fickle for that its just that I sell several and then quickly replace them with others. For example I've sold 6 bags this year and have got 4 new ones. Personally if I no longer use a bag it is for a reason (unless its a seasonal bag for example oak roxy which has been put away for Winter and which will come out again soon) - perhaps as simple as that I have gone off them. I don't personally think you will regret it because there is probably a reason that you are not using the bags. I just wonder if you will find it possible to reduce the number in the end or will just replace them with something else like I do.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


Nov 23, 2008
Because of my recent Alexa extravagances I have disposed of five. Well, I sold three and exchanged two for one at Lovehandbags! So, I'm feeling quite pleased to be down to a few that I will use rather than sit in the wardrobe gathering dust. Any past regrets have ended up with me replacing at a later date e.g. choc Roxanne and Bays.


Nov 24, 2009
I never had any regrets about selling bags, but think I'm a bit the same as bluecat:
mostly they are quite quick replaced with new ones.

Overal I would say that through te years my collection has been downsized al little, but upgraded with more expensive bags!! :biggrin:
Jan 24, 2009
South Cheshire
I need taking in hand and organising re a downsize! I'm just not capable of making the decision as to who can go. I've think I've only sold four in total and one of those still niggles me. I make a decision to sell, get them out to photograph and then decide the bag is just too lovely and I can't part with it! Quite a few of my bags are seasonal or special occasion, so because of that they do spend a fair amout of time not in use, but that's not a problem because when I do get them out I fall in love with them all over again.


May 3, 2008
Hi Salikons,

I have way too many bags and that is a question I constantly ask myself. But unfortunately, I am drawn to Mulberry like a magnet. I always want something new!

In the end I decided to divide my collection into two parts. I have now the core collection consisting of the absolute essentials (bags that I know I will need and never part with) and then the fun collection, which are bags that I will sell and replace when I get bored and want something new.

I think my ideal would be a core of 5-7 bags and then a "fun/seasonal collection" of 3 bags. I like the idea of having a couple of bags that I use for a while and then change for something else. I also think this will keep me from buying too many bags :biggrin:.

Anyway, don't do anything you will regret. The prices are going up, so if you regret selling a classic it might be expensive to buy it back. However, if you know your core and don't use the rest, then I'd say let them go.


Jan 12, 2009
I think i know what you mean. I hardly use some of the classic one's i have, but i find it really hard to take the step to sell. I'm afraid i'll regret it, so i just end up keeping all of them. I think i'm just not ready yet. If you can afford to keep them i would, but if you are thinking about doing this for a longer period of time maybe you are ready?


Mar 1, 2006
I made a major revamp of my bagcollection recently, sold a couple of bags, and exchanged a few more - trying to keep only what I use, and stop "collecting". I even sold a former HG bag, a bag that I never, ever thought I would part with, and haven't regretted it at all. I felt worse having unused bags in my closet - now I have a collection I use and still have the possibility to add what I really love if I find something. To me, there is no point in keeping a bag just because it is rare/sought after/a classic/limited edition if you don't use it.

Just thinking about it and raising the question probably means that you are ready to let go of some of your bags, and since the thought is there I don't think you will regret it. (I felt liberated - so much guilt about not using what I had, gone just like that!)

I love Linnéas idea about having a core collection of sensible keepers, and then adding a small "fun" collection, that is meant to be exchanged after a while.


Sep 2, 2008
Northern Ireland
For months I've been saying to myself that I'd really like a collection of around 6-7 bags in total. I got down to 8 and now I'm back up to 11! :Push:

I've downsized before and felt immensely better for it and I know I'd be happy to do it again, it's just a matter of deciding which ones should stay and which ones should go.

I love Linnea's idea of having a core collection that never changes and then a few seasonal fun bags that can be sold on when you get bored of them. As soon as I read her post I went :idea:!

I also agree with vicky's thought that a bag unused is really no use at all! Good luck with whatever you decide.


Saor Alba
Jan 3, 2009
Glasgow, Scotland
I have moved on 12 and replaced with 7. Another two are in the balance. I think the ones I think of a "fashion ones " will go. Ideally when the shops are well sold out. I'm a bit like teddiescorner. I take the pics and think "What am I doing????. I try and change my bag every second day to make sure they all get a whirl.


Hula O'Hoop
Mar 21, 2007
I like Linneas's idea of having a core collection and then a couple of changeable bags...hhmm maybe I should apply this to my own collection....

Salikons, why dont you put the 5 you are thinking of rehoming away for a while - pretend that they are 'gone' - and see if you will miss them? I have missed some I have rehomed, but others havent been given a second thought...


Nov 4, 2009
I personally think that 5 or 6 bags max is more than enough. I now have five and plan on getting another in a few months time. From then on it will def be one in one out. I think less is more and a small collection of bags that really get good use is better than a really large one. Even if money was no object I would think the same.
Jan 31, 2009
Derbyshire, England
I can really sympathise with
a) the idea of selling ones your not using much (and possibly regretting it every since - eg Choc Printed Bays), but then
b) sometimes backing out at the last minute (eg Phoebe was pulled from ebay), or
c) perhaps ending up with others instead (eg selling Alana, but buying Bays instead - having supposed to be saving money lol)

Basically, I'm not much good at helping you decide what to do am I?


May 11, 2008
I've sold 8 bags to make way for my Alexas and don't regret it as they weren't being used and my Alexas are being used daily.

I don't think you'll regret it if the reason you are selling is to make way for bigger abd better bags. Good luck deciding


Sep 12, 2008
Oh you have my total sympathy - I tried to diversify from Bays and accumlated too much, now my mind is going back to Bays again - trying to one style one colour unless Bays rule, still failing.... Grrrr