Major Rasta Sale!!!

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  1. I just wanted to inform everyone that many of the Off 5th stores have clearanced out the Rasta print bags and until Sunday I believe they are an extra 30 % off of the clearance price. I scored a commodore for only 150! I think they have alot of Esquivel's, Commodores and some Mandeville's in the Rasta print.....
  2. Rasta Mandeville? :nuts:
  3. wow - that's a great deal! I wonder what condition they are in....and which location they're at!
  4. I totally want something in Rasta....but I am not sure what yet....I wish I was able to check out some bags myself.....
  5. I would love a rasta mandy!!!!
  6. That's why i love ebay! You get to inspect all the pictures and ask all the anal Lambie questions!!
  7. A Commodore for $150?! That's amazing! I paid full retail for mine when they first came out and when I didn't know better than to pay retail. ;)

    A rasta Mandeville has always been one of my dream LAMBS. I may have to go check out Off 5th...
  8. my off fifth didn't have this rasta line at all. good score though!
  9. i just called my off and they have alot. i think they ahve bullseye to. at first when he said a picture of the lamb on the side i thought WILTSHIRE! then after I hung up I thought oh bullseye! they have some jacquard, some red esti, some etons, some esq, so some stuff is out there with 30% off.
  10. I went to my off 5th to scope out what they had and ended up coming home with a shadow key pouch that wasn't even apart of the 30% off sale. :lol:
  11. Good job on the shadow piece! I loveth me some shadow!
  12. well i got a lamb leopard mandeville at the sale today. paid $209 before tax
  13. Oh My goodness! I would do anything for a RASTA Mandeville or esp MONTEGO!! I'm a new purse addict- I went from Makeup & cosmetics to handbags- much more expensive! OUCH!
  14. punkyp this is addictive
  15. Wow, I can't believe there are still Rasta bags left anywhere! The places where I usually shop, they were gone a long time ago. The funny thing is I never see anyone carrying an bag with the Rasta print.