MAJOR Outlet score! Reveal!

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  1. Hi Ladies, Major outlet score today! Anyone around to see? :yahoo:
  2. Me! Show me the goods!!
  3. me!!! what is it!!!
  4. what what what?!
  5. Let's see the goods!!
  6. Oh. Phew!:sweatdrop: I thought no one was around... My first bit of goodies...

    Uh oh-- technical difficulties -- please stand by!!!!
  7. Mememe!
  8. standing by
  9. :popcorn:
  10. :useless:
  11. Ok, says its too big.. NEED help!!!
  12. yay a for a live reveal :smile:
  13. I'm here!!!
  14. You need to resize the pics at photobucket
  15. I'm here!