Major news flash

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  1. #1 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009

    The Beverly Hills Boutique (~within the next few weeks) will be getting in Royal Blue Suede aka EB Declic 120's and Fuchsia Suede. I just got off the telephone with Nathan and I'm #1 on the list for a 39.


    Beverly Hills
    (310) 247-9300

  2. carlinha needs to know this!!!
  3. Thanks! I'm tempted to call because my Rolandos are the darker blue, but I will resist!
  4. sad is it that I'm tempted to get on the list for them JUST because they're so HTF even though I already have a similar pair of blue suede pumps (and as much as I love my similar pair and look for things to wear them with, have a hard time finding outfits for them?).

    I won't, though :P. But I did have the "ooh!" reaction.
  5. Dammit if only that fuschia suede was a Rolando :cursing:
  6. ^^Oh I would be all over that.
  7. AAHHHH Omg I want I want!!!! I'm soooo broke though!
  8. wahhhh, this is my top HG and I have no $$$
  9. ugh. I really want EB Declics, but I'm trying to be good :sad:
  10. My HG!!! I want those so bad! But I'm trying to be good, too. I so can't buy anything until the fall.
  11. Me too!'
    Who thinks I'll cave by noon? LOL
  12. Well somebody do it! Damn, maybe I will, haha!
  13. For those who are thinking about it, why don't you just put yourself on the list? You're not paying up front. Then when they finally come in you can see if you can do it or not.
  14. :roflmfao:

    Me too?! Especially after what Lav said...makes sense! She's a smart...enabler!
  15. Do they make the 120 Declics in EB every season?