Major JPG sighting in SF tonight!

  1. OK! Who was at the Orpheum Theater tonight in SF at the 8pm showing of Light in the Piazza (which IMO is NOT worth the $85 ticket price but that's another story...) with a GORGEOUS black togo JPG and a pair of pretty swanky shoes?!?!?!?!?!

    C'mon...fess up!

    omg's the FIRST time I saw a JPG IRL and this woman was just gorgeous too. I was so awe struck that all I could do was nudge my DH, point and stammer.

    AND she was wearing a pretty stylish jacket and cropped white skinny trousers with those fabby heels.....and since there was a lot of polyester going on she stood out as a woman of good taste and sophistication! :yes: :girlsigh:

    Anyway.....just had to share.....:flowers:
  2. That would be me!!

    Just kidding!! I WISH~~~~
  3. It's SOOOO unusual to see ANY Hermes bags where I live that I was completely speachless.....and that's pretty dang hard to do!!!!
  4. Sounds like such a pretty outfit!!! I'd love to see a JPG in person. :nuts: I saw a fake one at a shop in downtown Healdsburg. It was "raisin". :sad:
  5. OMG shopmom! I would be going nuts too! I saw a white JPG two weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about that. My SA thinks the bag is not for me, but it's so it!!
  6. It's not for me either. I've tried one on for size and it was just so..................big!