Major house renovations...anyone??

  1. We are in the middle of major house renovations and Im going INSANE. The mess is killing me. I woke up this morning crying my eyes out. If my house is a mess I feel like everything is a mess...its not fun. We have rental properties all over town but the all are full....I have a home in another state..but I can not leave. So I keep on ... everyday is a new day. I know things could be worse...but its really taking its toll on me and Im not a happy anyone else going through this?????
  2. My first thought when I read the title of this was AAAAAAUGH! Not going through this right now (thank heaven!), but I feel your pain. The drywall dust was the worst. Hope it goes quickly, and you are back to your usual (but improved!) space!

  3. not whole house. . . I'm too chicken to do that, we only do one room at a time.
    I know how you feel though. . . if the house ain't right, ain't nuthin right!

    I'm sorry, reno's are a huge PITA.
  4. almost six years ago, my mom had a heart attack and while she did survive, she has only about 15% left of her heart. my dad works three jobs. i'm 26 and i still live at home to take care of the stuff around the house that needs doing.

    a few weeks ago i mentioned to my parents that i might be ready to move out (i recently won a lawsuit and was awarded and substantial amount of money)... they suggested i turn the basement into an apartment and the contractor is almost ready to start...

    i'm stressed out already and it hasn't even started, so i'm kind of not looking forward to it. although i'm very much looking forward to the end product!

    i really hope it's not as bad as i've heard it can be!
  5. Best of luck....the end result is always worth but this is really so hard. I hate to ***** about it...but good lord...I have had enough.
  6. I hear ya, girlfriend! We bought our current house five years ago and we had to do everything, literally everything. All the bathrooms, the kitchen, and the family room were taken down to the wall studs and rebuilt from there. We had to get a skim coat of plaster over the walls in two rooms. Some hardwood floors were redone and some put in. Carpeting, painting, electrical, the list goes on and on. We even had to get cable outlets installed, for God's sake. I couldn't imagine that someone could live in a house and not have one cable outlet. I would get really depressed during all of the renovations, but we made it through somehow and now everything is pretty much the way we want it with the exception of some painting here and there. It's rough, though, so I definitely sympathize!
  7. hopefully youre not doing the kitchen! i think that's the definite worst experience. we had an extension with a kitchen renovation. it was sooo dusty that it tooks us 2-3 days to mop and dustr everything to cleanliness. we also had to survive on a hot pot haha for 2 months. but now its huge and clean and new. think happy thoughts whenever youre upset by it =)
  8. Sunshine, I have gone through this and believe me, it was probably one of the most awful experiences ever. Now, I know some people say: "oh, gee poor you, having the $$ to restore your home boo hoo". Yeah, OK, I get that. But having workers at your home all the time, finding problems, paying, not having things in their place, and the mess, mess, mess. Hang in there, one day at a time. Maybe you all can go to a nice hotel on a weekend once in a while for a break?
  9. THE KITCHEN!! Ha! I will not even tell you how many hours I have spent on it! We have 2 family rooms...and they are proving to be a HUGE pain in the *ss! Well...I could go on and know when people get married and all they talk about is their wedding??? Well, Im still able to talk about bags being delivered so I guess thats a good thing? Okay I have had a few drink but you know what I mean...Im not ALLLLLL house!
  10. Oh baby, I've been there. I remodeled the kitchen in my condo and every day was a new challenge. Not only the dust, but the incompetent contractors who thought they could "pull the wool" over my eyes because I was a woman. I had some major battles with my cabinet installer as well as the electrician, who screwed up an outlet in the island and wound up attaching the electrical box to the track of a drawer that was on the opposite side! Then they tried to tell me they "had to" put the outlet there because of code! Yeah, right -- they just drilled the hole in the wrong place and were covering their @sses!

    Fast forward to a few years later ... my lovely 85+ year old neighbors, who were never at their condo because they were too old to travel and instead stayed at their place in NY, had a toilet leak. They had to pump out hundreds of gallons of toilet water that had been sitting stagnant for months. Their entire place was full of black mold. Of course, the mold spread to my place ... it cost over $80K to remediate the mold from my place and basically rebuild the entire shared wall that I had with them. Plus that included a complete gut of the bathroom. For this project, I had to move to another condo for 3 months!

    So wail away, I hear you!
  11. OH god...see...I need to hear the stories...I really do not want to wake up crying anymore. (it ruins my day!!!) I just do not want to sound like a brat..It is our home and Im grateful...always...but REALLY, its doing a number on us!!
  12. Didn't I read somewhere that kitchen renovations are one of the top stressors in a person's life, right up there with marriage, divorce and death?

    Hang in there -- you will make it through! Maybe you can tell us what it will look like when it's finished? I'm thinking that might make you happier if you can keep that in mind while you're going through this!
  13. sorry sunshine! i have had some renovations done in the last year. i feel for you as i am ocd about my home and i need order and cleanliness. it will pass hold on.:yes::yes:
  14. This is one room!!! See...its just a mess.
    pics 047.jpg pics 048.jpg pics 049.jpg
  15. Well, it's going to look worse before it looks better ... that's the nature of the beast. Are you picking out wall colors -- I saw a few colorblocks on the walls?

    So where are you in the process? Do you have all the furniture ordered, etc.? How much longer do you have for this project?