Major Help!!!

  1. So I got a speedy inclusion in white 2 weeks ago, and i accidently dropped in on the ground and it has a semi crack in it, do u think LV will help me fix it or even exchange it??
  2. May be fix it but not exchange it because it's not their fault. Unless your SA can work things out..

    Take it to the store and see what they can doo, good luck..please let u know what they said..I am so sorry about your speedy inclusion. It's so pretty...
  3. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. I don't think it would hurt to ask, but I don't think they can repair it, but I could be wrong. It is not a manufacturing defect, so I doubt they'll exchange it. :sad:
    Hopefully someone with inclusion pieces can give you more accurate info/advice.
    I don't know if this happens commonly (ie. if the pieces are fragile or likely to crack).
    Good luck!
  4. oh no i'm so sorry to hear that... i don't think they will let you exchange it... :sad: but do talk to your LV SA.
  5. I'm so sorry and I hope everything works out for you. Let us know what they say! Good luck.
  6. I don't think they can do anything about it, but do talk to your SA. Never hurts to ask! I know a member in here (Rebecca/lvbabydoll) has had her Inclusion bracelet fly off her wrist and hit the parking lot ground. I forget if she said it had been damaged or not. I've never dropped any of my pieces, but I banged my bracelet into a car and there is a small scuff on it =\
  7. Her bracelet is ok, no damage..:yes:

    Actually it makes me want to see the picture of your speedy. I have inclusion bracelet .I find it very very durable..I never drop it but I banged it couple of times no scarch and no crack.

    I think it's very very tough piece unless you drop it from 20th floor building or you smack it with hammer, I don't think it will crack..Can you post pic??
    May be yours is defective, It shouldn't get cracked easily..
  8. So, sorry to her about that :sad:

  9. I didnt drop it from the 20th floor, i dropped it on the ground while getting out of my car.

    I will post a pic tonight, i dont have access to a camera right now at work :yes: . thanks for all your help...its still so sad :sad:
  10. Oh, I am sorry! I don't think they can exchange it, but hopefuuly they can fix it or something. Good luck.
  11. that sucks! most likely, no exchange, though. maybe repair, if they can...
  12. I'm so sorry to hear that :sad:
  13. Maybe you can argue for it being defective....I would think it should break from just being dropped a small distance.
  14. So sorry to hear this... I hope it can be repaired at least.
  15. just call your store and ask them what to do