major help required

  1. im going new york next week and im from ireland and i was thinking of buying some cds while im over there will they work back in ireland also what about dvds can they be used in ireland if you no what i mean or will they not play in ireland:confused1:
  2. cds are fine i think but you need to get universal or PAL region 2 DVDs.
  3. CDs are fine.

    For DVDs you either need:
    - A Region-Free DVD player since the DVDs sold in the US are Region 1 and Europe has Region 2
    - to find a Region 2 DVD player
    - To have a DVD player that plays PAL and NTSC, along with a TV that plays both

    Best your DVDs in Ireland
  4. thanks for the tips glad to hear i can buy the cds think i will give the dvds a miss better safe than sorry
  5. Well, NY is the place to buy the specialized DVDs, as they more than anywhere else would have the region 2 DVDS. Have fun on your trip !