Major hardware update incoming

  1. The forum may be down for about 30 minutes while me and my techs do some of our voodoo. Just a quick heads up!
  2. like, now?
  3. Like it's done. :yes:

    tPF/tPB is now officially powered by two servers.
  4. I was freaking out why I could'nt get on!! Phew, glad that's over. I'm can breathe again.
  5. There should be a noticable speedup during forum peak times. Hooray!
  6. Glad you're back :yahoo: I didnt see this post and was wondering :wtf: happened to he forum.
  7. Yes, I loaded like a dozen tabs worth of forum pages at once when it came back up, and they all loaded swiftly, no hanging. Thanks for the upgrade!
  8. Omg, I was posting away when suddenly the "maintenance" sign came on. Ooohh.. the withdraw was horrible because all of the sudden I felt disoriented and not knowing what to do. :wacko::death:

    I'm glad tPF is back on!! :wlae:
  9. woo hoo!
  10. yeah!!! thanks Vlad, you are the best!!!!
  11. My heart stopped for about 15 seconds when I tried to access the site :wtf: until I read the note.

    Thanks for making it better Vlad! :flowers:
  12. It's getting better & better..yesterday I just got comcast service for my now I can be on here all day without getting off to let someone use the phone. And it's 10 times as fast so I can surf through tPF quicker. Yeah!! Thanks Vlad, the site is really becoming HUGE!! You deserve a big toast..:drinks:(I don't do wine so it had to be beer) LOL
  13. It is faster! Go Vlad!
  14. :lol: It's like tPF on caffine...thanky, Vlad!
  15. I'm noticing a difference!!