Major Hair Dilemma!!

  1. I got my hair cut and colored on Saturday. I've used the same woman for 5 years. I wanted a layered bob in medium brown. I have jet black hair that is really layered and looks sort of round on my head. I've searched forums most of the day today to see how I can lighten the color. My salon is closed Sundays and Mondays. I cannot leave the house until this color is fixed. I washed my hair 4 times today. Two of those were with Dawn dish detergent. It helped only a little bit. I am desparate!! I have to go to work on Tuesday. I absolutely cannot go in with this hair color. I need your suggestions. Thanks.

  2. Was the color used to dye your hair into this jet black shade actually supposed to come out jet black? (I am thinking no, since you asked for brown)

    Unless she put black dye on your hair, I would imagine the color should lighten up with washing, BUT I would not suggest the detergent as this may dry out your hair.. and possibly make you regret doing so later on.

    If you want to remove some of the dark coloring, I would suggest hot oil or a super rich moisturizing conditioner, which you would leave in your hair for at least an hour and then rinse out with warm or hot water. I have found that hot oil (especially the super moisturizing type) tends to wash out my hair coloring--I avoid hot oil when I want my color to stay, but in your case this may be what you want :smile:

    Good luck!
  3. Thank you for the suggestion. I'm going to the store this morning. My 7 year old keeps telling me my hair is too dark. You know it's bad when that happens. Hot oil seems like the way to go. I've also looked at the Garnier lifting kits online. I may read that when I get to the store as well. I haven't had a bad hair color in so long. This is traumatizing!!!

  4. i would wait actually and leave your hair alone and when the salon opens i would call and ask to speak to the manager and tell them what happened and that you want it fixed......they should fix it free of charge because it is their mistake......good luck and keep us updated
  5. Removing jet black dye is probably the hardest thing to do. Why didn't you speak up when you were at the salon, you had to have seen the color was way too dark. Are you unhappy with the cut too? I have had some horrible experiences with my hair and I think it is so depressing because then we have to hope something fixes it. I mean the color can be corrected. It will eventually wash out a bit and if you could buy a heat cap at a beauty supply store with their recommendation on a good conditioner that may help lift the color I say do it. Do you live near a beauty supply store where you can talk to the people that work there. They seem to know what they are doing and can usually offer some advice. If you hate the cut I am sorry she messed it up. I had a chop job a few months ago and it was just after I was trying to let my hair grow out so here I am back with a short pixie cut and hesitant to let anyone touch my hair.
    Good luck. It may not look as bad as you think--but I do get how you feel when your child tells you your hair looks funny or something---my daughter has said this to me and then I think I really look bad if she notices.
  6. First of all, it's one of the owner's of the salon who did my hair. Before I left 2 other clients told me how nice it looked. I didn't care for it, but I figured it must not look too bad. Then I get home and look under real lighting. Ouch!! I like the haircut, but I can't see it because all I see is the color. I bought a hot oil treatment today. I'm going to try it. It won't hurt. I'll keep you posted.
  7. So, I went back to my salon last night after they opened for me. They put a tint of red all over my hair which really warmed the color up. Then she lifted strands around the front and put a red tint on them for highlighting. It doesn't look bad. I'm just not used to it. It is much better than what it was. Ah the pain we go through for beauty!!

    Thanks for all of the support

  8. im glad to hear it all worked out!!!
  9. I'm happy you got it fixed! I hope you're liking it better now. There's nothing worse than a gone-wrong dyejob.
  10. I'm happy to hear your hair is fine now!