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  1. Did anyone happen to buy one of the Hamilton's (N/S) from Belk this past Monday that I posted about for $213.99?

    If so, could you PM me a copy of the price paid so I can show the girls at my MK Boutique to price match?

    They're soo sweet & are willing to adjust the price I paid on Saturday to match!!


    Thank you in advance!!

  2. I price matched it with Nordstrom and was able to get the 15% off with them but the SA let me get the saffiano one
  3. Nevermind... My MK Boutique is price matching it, regardless! Said they're going to match the $213.99 + 15% coupon... all I have to do is bring in the receipt! I LOVE them!! :heart:

    Such awesome service & products!!

  4. Reg. hamiltons ?
  5. The regular soft leather n/s in luggage I bought last Saturday.
  6. Is Lauren helping you? Are you going in the store? Let me know if they have anything good on sale. I'm disappointed that I didn't see anything on the Macy's Super Sale. I thought there were supposed to be 40% off. Maybe it's in store only.
  7. Kate, the manager, helped me...I went to the store & nothing new or exciting on sale!! Also, Macys had NOTHING on sale in store except so of the nylon bags! The SA just said they had a "presale" going on w/20% off. Pretty much NOTHING exciting in MK land today!
  8. Such a bummer! I guess Lucy's SA was mistaken.

    Did I tell you that my nephew's girlfriend is interviewing with the new MK boutique they're opening here in Charleston?

    She told him "Your aunt is going to love me!" Heehee

    She will have a huge discount!
  9. Oh.My.Goodness!! You'll have a direct line!! I'm soo jealous!!
  10. I'm holding my breath for now until it happens. Lol

    She's a sweet girl with great experience and that's what she studied in college, so I'm confident she's got a good shot!
  11. That's soo great! A co-worker of mine has a son who is dating an employee of MK...she's bought some nice stuff with her discount, too...I "need" a direct line like that! Lol