Major Eye candy from my SA! Must See!!!!! Even a Jaune Step!

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  1. Seriously, my NM must have gotten in a big shipment lately! My SA just sent me pics of some gorgeous bags! I know a lot of you are looking for Jaune especially, so here you go! Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested!

    Enjoy the pics!

    These stats are directly from her email to me:

    1. "City" Bag (2034) in Vert Fonce with Gold Hardware $1595.00

    2. "First" Bag (2035) in Vert Fonce with Original Hardware $995.00

    3. "First" Bag (2037) in Violet with Original Hardware $995.00

    4. "Day" Bag (2038 and 2040) in Black with Silver Hardware $1245.00
    DSC02034.JPG DSC02035.JPG DSC02037.JPG DSC02038.JPG DSC02040.JPG
  2. More great bags! As stated in her email:

    1. "Hobo" Bag (2044 and 2045) in Jaune D'or/Yellow with Gold Hardware $1245.00

    2. "Day" Bag (2046) in Grey Felt and Tabac Leather Trim with Original Hardware $1165.00

    3. Money Continental Wallet (2048) in Black with Gold Hardware and Mastic (beige) with Gold Hardware both $525.00

    4. "Step" Balenciaga in Jaune with silver regular hardware (2074 and 2078) $1165.00
    DSC02044.JPG DSC02045.JPG DSC02046.JPG DSC02048.JPG DSC02078.JPG
  3. One more pic!
  4. Gorgeous! I love Lisa, she's a total doll! I shop with her even though I've got a NM 15 minutes away from me. Thanks for the eyecandy, Jag!
  5. Anytime! Lisa is the best- she knows I can't come in that often so she sends me pics all the time! How many SAs would do that! Seriously, I love her!
  6. Love the green, yum! Though that must be the Vert Foret (sp?) and not Vert Fonce since Fonce is more olive/brown. Though I love the green/GGH combo. I spoke with Lisa today and ordered a bag, though I love this green too!
  7. Romie! I thought so too...I think that 2nd pic of the First is a Vert Foret...I just bought a Vert Foret Work (will post pics)...I saw Vert Foret IRL and I immediately decided to sell my Sapin & Vert Gazon. It swept me off my feet! I had to get it in the biggest bag possible!
  8. Thanks so very much for your post Jag! You know we all love it! Man, your SA is so thoughtful! I think the First in Jaune will be amazing!
  9. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  10. Thanks.. I love the juan step.
  11. Jag, Which NM are these from? Thanks!
  12. thanks posting these pictures!
  13. Jagthanks so much for sharing! When I spoke with Lisa this morning, she also said she has a violet city. I'm assuming it is a regular hardware.
  14. Wow! Thanks for sharing!!
  15. Jag, that's the first felt bag I've seen...maybe you should post it in the main forum!