Major earthquake in Hawaii...Aloha Rag

  1. Did you hear about the major earthquake in Hawaii? I know the Big Island was the main devastation but it is affecting the other islands, including Oahu. So for those who are planning to fax in any order to Aloha Rag, I think you should wait until you hear from them. I hear businesses are closed in Oahu, too, except stores like Home Depot, so no one is at the store taking orders, etc., and you don't want your order containing important personal information laying around...(e.g credit card number!).
    I hope everyone is okay...:sad:
  2. gosh, i know, my husband just told me about this :sad:...i hope everyone is okay over there (i think mocean lives there :heart:)...they said it was a magnitude 6.6 & was the worst earthquake in hawaii in over 20 years :s ...i've got a cousin & his family that live on the main island...i'll let you all know if i hear anything from them about it!!!
  3. it was a 6.3... no one has been reported injured or dead - a lot of roads are closed, though
  4. I hope everything is okay over there and that any of our Hawaiian PFers are okay as well!!
  5. That's what the deal is . . . I have been calling them all day and no one has answered the phone. I talked to them yesterday and they said they would be in today. I am so glad that I didn't fax/email my credit card info - was just going to follow up with a phone call. Hope they are all okay.

    Leave it to the pfers to get this news to us - didn't hear about it on tv!
  6. Oh no! I hope everyone's OK! I better call my friend there too!

    I was just thinking of trading in a B-bag for a trip back to Oahu yesterday too....
  7. mocean lives in hawaii. where are you, girl? are you okay?
  8. yikes, i was right, it was a 6.6 magnitude earthquake's both amazing & wonderful that there haven't been any deaths reported yet (phew!!!) :sweatdrop:...i hope we hear back from our hawaiian PFers soon :heart:

    Hawaiian: 'We were rocking and rolling' -
  9. I thought of Mocean too when I heard about it today...I really hope she's okay! :smile:
  10. i just heard about this too. i hope nobody has been hurt- it was a huge quake!
  11. I just read this on the net this evening. How horrible! I hope no tpf'er was hurt from this earthquake. I was intending to contact AR and ask about color availability of the new Oval clutches. I think it's best to wait a while. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. So far no casualties are reported. But many injured. Large area throughout the islands have been experiencing major power outage, including, Waikiki, Honolulu on Oahu... I bet it is hard to make phone calls, check emails, etc. right now...
  13. no phonelines are working according to the news a few minutes ago.
  14. Oh, I just heard about this like an hour ago! I hope everyone of our Hawaaiin members are ok!
  15. It looks like Kona on the big island got the worst of it. My mom's good friend lives there and she said her retaining wall in the backyard shifted 1 foot! Also many people who live on the edge of the water literally had their backyards fall off into the ocean.