MAJOR doubts! Please help!!!!

  1. I bought a Classic Flap bag in caviar a little while ago but never got a chance to post pictures.

    I can't decide if I should keep it or return it and get a different bag (I bought a tote at first but it just wasn't me)? So many of you here love Classic Flaps. Please, tell me why you love it again! I think it is absolutely gorgeous and timeless and who knows if I'll ever afford another Chanel bag! Those are, of course,

    The cons are that it is not my usual size (too small as an every day bag and I don't go out anywhere where a designer bag is a must (so, I wouldn't use it as a going out bag much)!), too expensive (it is Chanel after all!), and it "screams" Chanel (not in a bad way but it can attract unwanted attention)!

    Do people automatically know you're carrying a Chanel if the bag is quilted and has a chain handle?

    I am just so confused! Any advice would be welcome!

    Thank you!
  2. That bag is a beauty. It is timeless and gorgeous, but if it doesn't fit your lifestyle, then I would return it. It'll only end of collecting dust in your closet.
  3. I think it's a gorgeous bag, 100% classic that you will always be able to use. I say keep it!
  4. I think it's beautiful but you sound like you have alot of doubts. Don't keep it because other people love their flap bags. For the price you should be thrilled with it. I just bought a jumbo classic in pink and I'm keeping it because I love it-I'm sure alot of other people would not. It's about you being happy with it!!
  5. IA. Classic flap is loved by many people, but the most important factor to consider is how you feel about it. It's not for you if it doesn't meet your needs.

    Likeafeather77, based on your post, I think you should return it. For such an expensive bag, you should absolutely love it instead of having doubts. You will be able to come across another beautiful bag that you will love and use (might take awhile, but it's possible). Ever since joining purse forums, I have seen a lot of beautiful bags on members. I have to pick the ones that work for me only.

  6. ^^ I agree. If you've got doubts, pass. And just because it's a "classic" that "everyone" loves doesn't mean it's for you. It's like how people love the Speedy and I just can't get into it... So find something you love!
  7. It is extremely classic, it will go with everything! I love it because it is big enough for everything I want to put in it, and I can take it to school, possible jobs in the future, and so on. :smile:

    If its caviar, it will last a long long time :smile:
  8. I think it's beautiful, but don't keep it if it's not practical in your life. I bought the L-epanoui GM in white not too long ago b/c I got caught up in the beauty of it, vs the practicality of it. I hated the thought of spending so much on one purse that wasn't really even very practical for my lifestyle. In the end, I ended up trading for a LV BH and Koala wallet and the caviar large shopping tote. I got three things for the price of that one bag, and I know that I'll really use those bags and not be so scared to use it. For the $ you're spending, I think it makes more sense to spend it on an item that you'll really use and find practical. When you find the right one, you'll know. There will be peace.
  9. I personally think the classic flap is the prettiest Chanel. I have one in black caviar as well. I use mine quite a bit. If you do not think you will get much use out of it and see another Chanel you like better then maybe you should consider selling yours.
  10. I think that if it doesn't fit your lifestyle you should definitely return it.
  11. I personally love the bag, but I believe if you are having any doubts - return it. I had bought such expensive items in the past and a few days later was doubting my decision/purchase. I usually end up keeping the items, and would regret it later. Now when I buy something and feel that doubt starting to emerge, I will return the item and I always feel better.

  12. agreed. I know how many women love this bag, and it is classic and beautiful. When I made my wish list, this bag was at the bottom and after a while I think I may have taken in some of the hype from online and friends.

    I'm sure you will be able to afford another in the future. This is a style that Chanel will never let fade away. I think you should return it.
  13. If you don't like it change it for another. I remember saying to an SA that I felt like Chanel made me feel a little snobbish. However, as of late I see people carrying Chanel day or night, all ages, different sizes. There are a lot of different styles to choose from, so change if you don't like it. Otherwise, I like it and could see it would go with jeans to dresses without problems.
  14. Likeafeather - I totally understand what you are going through. I LOVE the flap it. I own one in Caviar leather which I bought and thought I'd use to death. I didn't. It didn't fit my lifestyle and so it will be going to a new home next month to someone who will love it and use it a lot as it was meant to be.

    What I bought instead was the 2.55 Medium Grey Re-issue flap bag and THIS one I use almost exclusively! I guess because its a little more casual....I don't know. All I know is I fell immediately in love with it, had to have it and I use it a LOT. It goes with everything from jeans to dresses. It fits my lifestyle better.

    So, if you love the style of the flap bag, perhaps there is one that you can buy that WILL fit your lifestyle. Maybe take a look at the re-issues and see if those work better for you. This new season will have some yummy ones in beautiful colors....the leather is a little distressed and softer and the chain is solid without the interwoven leather.

    If you have doubts, bring it back/exchange it for something you can't live without.....believe me, you will feel much better.:love: :love: :love:
  15. return it for the lux bowler!!!