Major Disappointment from Last Purchase But Here is My Second New Buy!!!

  1. Hey guys, as you might know, I posted in about my first Valentino glam lock bag purchase from BG. Well, it turned out that customer service people contacted me a few days after I made the purchase, saying that they don't have the bag anymore and had to cancel my order. Could you imagine what major disappointment that was!!! Especially when I snatched it soooooo quickly at the perfect timing and I really wanted that bag!!! Anyhow, being the I-won't-stop-looking-until-I-find-it me, I talked to a lot of online reps asking for its sku and had them locate anything company-wide (both BG and NM) for me. At first this lady told me it could be found at one of the NM stores, which I tried to contact and ended up with nothing because they didn't see it at their store = no bag. I was pretty desperate at that time (I was on a business trip to Vegas) so I thought I'll check out the NM there. I was REALLYYYYY surprised that when the nice lady looked up the sku and told me that they HAVE the bag!!! Of course ------- but it was damaged, a lot of the jewels fell out and basically they weren't able to sell it. I was also pretty disappointed with the size as well because originally I thought it was going to be a bit larger. I was thinking, oh well, at least the thought of not having it wouldn't bother me anymore.

    Today, I was browsing on BG and saw a similar jewel style but in a tote, so I grabbed it!!! Although I do like the flap bags more, but what do you guys think of this?

    It was an impulse buy and now I'm debating whether or not I should keep it or cancel the order. I don't love it LOVE it, it's pretty nice and all, a very cute color as well. Please advise!!! TIA!!!
  2. Cute bag, but if you do not love do not buy. I got so many bags last year because it was a great deal and now I do not know what to do with them. Finally, I bought 3 bags that I an in love and rest of my collection in dust bags.
  3. Totally agree! Do not buy because of the label & perceived deal-still a lot of $!!! Buy if you love it & can instantly think of the many cute outfits you would wear it with and the happiness it/they would bring. If u cannot mentally "see" yourself wearing it, pass.

    Very cute bag though!
  4. Us Baghags will always face this issue from time to time - do you love it because its cheap or because you really love it? You should know the answer. Also would you have bought it even at full price? If the answer is no.......

    I can understand how you feel, the original bag is totally To Die For
  5. Only one thing I can say: If you don't love it, return it. I agree with Mithril and Marina (The Valentino Goddesses):cool:

  6. Thank you for all of your advices!!! The thing about I love it or not, it's just because it was never a bag I thought of buying (I'm still quite new to Valentino and its styles), especially not at full price. You know that feeling at the beginning of every season there's a list of must-haves in your mind that you strongly believe in getting them when they go on sale, I just never thought of this bag (more like I had never really seen/familiar with this style). It is definitely a very cute bag and I do see myself wearing it a lot (reminds me of my Celine mini except this one is in a cutesy pink color that I am totalling falling for), I also really really like the jewels and the detailing that goes with it. I just never thought I would buy a tote from Valentino that's all (LOL) cuz it has always been their flap bags and clutches that caught my eyes.

    So, BG hasn't given me any shipping updates as of yet, it could be the same case like last time how they sold out of it and told me they had to cancel the order, OR they will ship it out tonight. My final question is, regardless of how much I love it now, what do you guys think of the bag, personally. Is it a really good deal (LOL I'm a deal girl, I still love the things I buy on sale, every piece of it)?
  7. Well, I think its a good deal...but then again, I have never found anything that I have liked to hang around when it goes on sale and I don't like going through any hassles. That being said, I think you should keep it.
  8. Personally it's a beauty, just scared of light coloured bags but that's just me
  9. Update!!! Just received an e-mail from BG it just got shipped (yeaa... right.... 10 days after I placed the order, about time duh)!!! Is it a keeper???
  10. I love the bag and the crystal design on it. I'd be hesitant to get this bag colorwise I tend to shy away from light colors cause I know I'll ruin them. I will agree with the other posters if you don't love the bag don't buy it. Check out bags IRL before you buy them I can't tell you the number of times I liked a bag and the dimensions sound like they would be perfect for my needs and when I got the bag it was too small/uncomfotable/just didn't work for one reason or another.