MAJOR DILEMMA! Vegas and the company outting


Oct 19, 2006
HI Guys!

Heres some background first.

I work with a promotional marketing company and we are going to a convention in Las Vegas in Jan. I'm 22, and the girls that I'm close with that coming with me are around my age..24..23.. The rest of my company is older..30s..40s..etc
We're all planning out dinner outtings at night and possibly going to clubs (getting tables maybe) etc.

This would be my fourth time in vegas in as many years. I just went in Septmeber with 3 other girls and had a blast..

now here's my issue..
What do I wear? My company is lots of fun and everyone is really cool but I still feel I need to dress differently (ie no mini skirts) around them enough thoug we're all going to be drinking and having fun at night.
Its going to be around 65-72 degress there also..
The girls and I plan to hang out with the company and hit up a few places on our own even..So what do I do? How do I dress? Especially if after dinner we're just going to go out but want to avoid going back to the room to change (if we're dining at TAO in Venitian but we are staying at THEHotel for example)...

Shoe recommendations?
:yahoo: :wlae: :shrugs:
I don't really know what kinda look you're going for, but I can give some suggestions to take you from company dinner to party.

1. A sexy shift dress that's right on trend. And I figure that 70degrees farenheit isn't gonna be that cold, right? So, add on a great pair of peep toe pumps or nude coloured pumps. Carry a nice good-sized bag (think clutches or a pochette).

2. Skinny jeans in a nice dark blue shade, a waistcoat (if you dare.. otherwise, wear a nice vest). Throw on some nice heels, a statement bag, a bangle or two, a long metal necklace and big, sexy hair.

Hope this helps.