Major Dilemma!!! Need help from the experts...

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  1. Ok but'll apoligise in advance I truely do not want to offend anyone.

    I don't like the white cube things I don't feel that they fit with the bag that well and I don't like the look of the material they are made out of.
    I don't like the shading of the colours to me it seems a little patchy.

    Of course these are only my opinions & Once again SORRY :heart: you guys!
  2. Stratus PM!! Hands down! One of the most feminine LV bags around today.
  3. stratus PM for sure! the bag is timeless.
  4. Thank you for sharing:tup: You are entitled to have your own opinion and people should not get offended. Thanks again!
  5. stratus for sure! it's gorg!
  6. Whoa...99% of you all voted for the stratus.
  7. [​IMG]
    my buddy SAs modeled them for me!!! :heart::tup:
  8. i'd say go for the stratus too :yes:
  9. i saw these 2 exact same bags today! and i find the speedy looks a lot better when being carried, the cloud bag looked cheap, maybe cause it was on someone and i'm not the one feeling how soft it was. but i loved the speedy when the lady was carrying it looked a lot nicer than on display at lv

  10. Hmm I have the stratus pm and am having a difficult time using it as I find it doesn't really match my casual wardrobe ... where as my street is my perfect shopping bag ... IF you would use the denim more then I say keep it ...can you try on the stratus again to ensure it is your style etc:yes:
  11. Definitely get the Stratus!! :yes:
  12. Oooh..thanks for sharing:yes:
  13. I love the stratus! Is the stratus coming out again in the FW colours or is it just the nimbus? If its only the nimbus then get the stratus now! But if the stratus is coming out again wait and get the new colours! xx
  14. I would go with Stratus....much more elegant and versatile!
  15. I think it depends on how you dress. I'm a stay at home mom right now and I live in jeans. Yes, the stratus can be carried with jeans and look chic, but I think the speedy goes with jeans much better. I have the patchwork speedy in blue and I love it. It fits my style. I think you have to look at your personal style and what you wear to decide on the bag that's right for you. Sometimes people don't consider these things and the bag looks ridiculous with what they have on.....they just look at the bag only. It needs to fit in with your wardrobe!