Major Dilemma!!! Need help from the experts...

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  1. they are ecru and beige!:heart:
  2. I like the Stratus.
  3. I would go for the stratus. It's so pretty and a nice, easy to wear colour.
  4. Between the two, I choose Stratus. :yes:
  5. I would be torn too as I like both bags for different reasons.....which one do you think you would use more???
  6. Definitely the Stratus, much more timeless and versatile!
  7. Oooh, tough decision!
    Let us know what you decide!
  8. STRATUS !!!!! It's so beautiful !!!!! :happydance:
  9. ok I'm going to disagree with everyone on this thread lol I say speedy I don't like the olympe bags but I'm not going to say why on here because I don't want to offend good luck with your decision
  10. id keep the stratus but i might also 'forget' to take back the speedy
  11. I think the speedy is more casual and I don't have to worry about color transfer but the stratus, as many have mentioned, can be dressed up or down but then there is the color transfer situation. SO confused:confused1:
  12. Stratus!!!

  13. You can say it in a way where it doesn't offend anyone:P
  14. love both for very different reasons and feelings but if it came down to it....stratus (in beige tho).