Major Dilemma!!! Need help from the experts...

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  1. Hi everyone,

    As you may already know, I purchased the Patchwork Speedy in Gris a couple of weeks ago and today I went to the boutique only to find the Stratus PM in ecru in front of me and it was love at first sight. It was the thing same with the Patchwork Speedy. As soon as I saw the speedy it was also love at first sight. Now I am torm between these 2 beautiful bags. I can only have one therefore I really need all the advice and I can get order to make the right decision. Please HELP! TIA!
  2. ohhhhh! good luck!
  3. i prefer the look of the stratus better than the patchwork. stratus looks more elegant IMO.
  4. I would go with the Stratus PM over the patchwork speedy.
  5. :P Did you have the same dilemma?
  6. Stratus!
  7. I lover the stratus, the colour is gorgeous.
  8. DEFINITELY the's just gorgeous.
  9. Stratus!!!!!:smile:
  10. I prefer the stratus over the speedy too! :biggrin:
  11. i LOVE my stratus of the most gorgeous bag ever!!!! :love: and you can dress up or down!
  12. [​IMG]


    i just loooooove the bag!!! i originally bought ecru but ended up getting beige instead.....still love 'em!:heart:
  13. Stratus--- it's just soooooooooo chewwy!!!!!!
  14. Are these stratus in ecru?
    Do you mind posting some pics of your stratus? pliiiizzz:flowers: