major dilemma and literally NO time!

  1. What do I do!!!?

    I tracked down an indigo agenda, I need to call and ship it here.

    BUT, do I then need a pearle mini agenda? I wanted one because for an address book, but I can't afford both now, and that only has a couple of pieces left. SO what do I do?!

    And now cles wise, I can't wait for a vernis cles till September, I have a groom cles, but I don't want to mess it up by using it for my keys for that long. I have an envelope pomme plate. There's no use of me looking for an indigo cles, so do I go for pomme or should I go for framboise, even though I'm not a pink fiend, but I do love its bubblegum color.

    What would you do?
  2. How many indigo pieces are left?
  3. Cles wise if you love pomme and are not sure about framboise then I would stick with the pomme, it is a fab color
  4. I would base my choice on the indigo vs. pearl on which is more limited at this point. If you can't afford both than go with the one that you truly love the most and the one that is the most limited.

  5. agreed
  6. Definitley go with the Indigo!! It is so pretty in real life! And with the sm. agenda you can put the phone book right in there!

    Then I would get the pomme cles after that.

    Good luck with your choice!!
  7. I would get the Indigo, Are there no Cles's left at all ??. :flowers:
  8. I'd get the indigo agenda and a pomme cles!
  9. Get the indigo agenda. Perle is prone to color transfer.
  10. I would go for the indigo agenda for sure :smile:

    Can you wait for june on the cles? You might want to look at the new color amarante (something like that) coming in june
  11. I vote for the indigo. There aren't many around, and indigo is sooooo gorgeous. It's my favorite vernis color.
  12. indigo less stress than pearle, why not go for a pearle cles. but if not pomme or framboise are both great colours you can't go wrong with either.
  13. LV in Sacks in Boston had several pieces of pomme also a few framboise as of a week ago.
  14. I would definitely get the indigo agenda over pearle! So much less worry about color transfer and probably fewer pieces left than pearl at the moment cuz it came out earlier. As for the cles, I'm all for getting something in a different color so I vote for the framboise or waiting for the new amarante!
  15. Indigo!!