Major Decision in Dior vs. MJ

  1. I hate myself for it, but have been utterly obsessed with getting a MJ Stam in black for a long time, though I had some nagging feeling that something wasn't just right (too trendy? too chunky?). Just decided to buy a Lady Dior Cannage medium hobo in black instead and feel REALLY good about it. Much more elegant and adult, but still very chic - right? I'm assuming the Dior crowd approves! : )
  2. The Dior crowd couldn`t be more delighted ! :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: please post pics asap...and make a lot of space in your closet for the whole bunch of new Diors to come after this one ! :yes: :wlae:
  3. yeba-yeba...BEST choice! It's good to know you went for the Cannage coz it's 1Million Beauty points compared to the Stam! Yehey!
  4. Great choice. I can't say much for other style, but I have converted to Dior about 2 months ago, and was very happy will all of my purchase. I bought a lady dior cannage and see it as gold!!! I feel that dior style is very simple, chic, young, elegant and I think especially the lady dior, I think never go out of style. Good choice, pls post pictures!!!!
  5. I would say go for cannage too. to me, it is more elegant
  6. I most certainly approve! I think the Marc Jacob stam looks like every quilted bag I've ever seen.
  7. I wanted a MJ Stam for a while, but I was in two minds because of the price and the chains were too chunky. I was worried that it was too trendy and after a while it would be outdated. So I think you made the right decision, the Dior is more classic- yet at the same time fashionable, trendy and it looks much better than the MJ Stam
  8. honestly i love mj but lady dior is waaay better. :smile: more elegant yet cute at the same time. the stam is also very heavy!

    though i bought a little stam, i still want a lady dior!
  9. Thumbs up for the Dior Cannage.

    The chain on the MJ Stam looks sorta tacky plus it probably weighs a ton.
  10. Wait a season, then get one of the new MJs.
  11. The cannage is the better choice!!! Although the stam is cute, it does look like most of the quilted bags that I see too (I think it's because it inspired all these look-alikes from lower-end brands).

    The cannage hobo is also made of lambskin, which is very luxurious and soft to the touch!

    And please post pics!!!!
  12. Cannage definetely. I like the Stam too, but cannage is much more classier