Major Chanel Classic Flap Dilemna

  1. I received a Chanel classic flap in gold hardware for my bday. It was bought at Saks on March 18 '06. Today's May 1 and I am thinking of exchanging it for a classic flap with silver hardware. Do you guys know the return policy at Saks? Can I still have it exchanged even if more than a month has already passed? I haven't used the bag yet because I don't think the gold hardware is right for me (I LOVE the classic flap, though).

    Please help...:wondering
  2. I believe Saks will take it back. You have the tags attached still? They shouldn't give you a problem, especially if you're just exchanging.
  3. You should be able to exchange it if you still have the tags like Addicted said. Btw, I have one with silver hardware and it is really pretty!
  4. I prefer silver as well, and I don't think there will be a problem with exchanging it. =)
  5. Shouldn't be a problem but do go soon....I agree....I love the silver too.
  6. Saks has a 60-day return/exchange policy as long as you have the receipt. After 60 days you can only get back what the current selling price is....but in the case of Chanel, which never goes on sale AFAIK, you should have no problem getting back what you paid for originally (or doing an exchange).
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