Major Botkier Sale!

  1. Exclusive early access to the online sale for TPFers! To access, hit the link above, then navigate to Woman and then SALE to get early access before anyone else!
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  1. !!!!! Calling all Botkier lovers!!! The mini holster (my avitar pic) is on sale at for $260! :nuts: Originally $560 Their having a customer appreciation discount sale. Run! I am!! They also have a bunch of other bags on sale.
  2. Anyone pick up anything good yet???
  3. omg this is so cool.. i was wondering what brand your avatar pic was!!
  4. wow....i love botkier bags!! i've only seen them at Barneys co-op & e-luxury....never had the color i wanted....for some reason i didnt think they had an website....

    thanks for the info~
  5. Yippee!!!!!I ordered the mini holster in chestnut!!!!!!!!Thanks so much for posting the info.