Majestic Filatures Paris

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  1. I think Majestic needs an own thread
    Subtle,valuable basics

    I'm waiting for this cardigan, lined with striped silk


    and I love my cardigans, blazers and tees


  2. [​IMG]

    dark red

  3. Another big Majestic fan here! Amazing quality. I have the black blazer seen in the last post and get complements every time I wear it. Pollie-Jean, I was eyeing the cardigan you are getting. Hope you'll post an action pic when it arrives!
  4. I don't have any Majestic pieces yet but am checking out the S/S collection on Nordstrom. Love the cardie with striped underlay too, linen/silk jacket, and striped linen top.

    Pollie-Jean -- you have a great collection of Majestic!
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    PortlandKelly, these blazers are really great basics ! Majestic is so effortless :love: I'm glad, that you're a fan too !


    Thank you, HiromiT:smile: Majestic is worth the money. More than Splendid, Velvet or James Perse, imo

    Because I'm in love with the lined cardie, I needed it in another shape :greengrin:

  6. Ooh I like the shape of this cardie even more because the striped collar draws the eyes up. The US stores have a limited selection of Majestic but I hope they get this cardie.

    I used to like Perse but they keep repeating the same old designs and increasing prices. Have never been impressed with Splendid or Velvet.

    LOVE the new Sarti!!!
  7. Exactly !
    You've been looking at farfetch, haven't you?
    And thank you, Hiromit :smile:

    Because, I have a day off, I found two tops (Modal Stretch) with open, asymmertical hem in the city. Super soft , perfect for layering. Got it in grey and white

  8. I used to have a majestic t shirt, it was a dine wool, two layer, the fit was so great. I had bought many years ago from a saks fifth off really cheap, I gained some weight and got rid of it, few years later I saw how expensive the retail is, and regreted departing from that tshirt, specially that lost the weight!!
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    Love the cut of your new tanks! I've been searching farfetch and other online retailers but...guess what? I think a luxury department store in my city carries Majestic clothing but branded under their private label! I found modal and linen pieces, the linen/silk blazer, AND the silk lined cardie (in a bright blue). There was even a silk lined tank. I've been comparing pics, fabric content, and descriptions and I'm almost certain these are made by Majestic. :smile: Prices are quite high though so I'm waiting for sale season. So excited, :wlae:

    Off topic but I got a Bal Day in gris pyrite today!!!
  10. Many congrats on your Day Gris Pyrite ! Buying a Bal is really thrilling ! How do you say ... (?) we're bag twins now ;) My love for the Day style seems to be everlasting
    Great,that you found Majestic in your town and that you can try those pieces on, before buying ! They run small, imo. Can't wait for the sale, so I can see your finds ! I guess, the lined cardie is looking fantastic in blue. Good luck, HiromiT :smile:
  11. Thank you Pollie-Jean! Yes, we are bag twins now. :ghi5:
    It was your pic of the Gris Pyrite with FS Love scarf that made me notice the Day. I have Bals in all kinds of styles but I have complaints about every single one. :lol: But the Day is roomy and easy to use!

    Anyway, back to the topic of Majestic, I have some pics of the pieces on my wishlist. If the lined cardie came in black, I would grab it right away. But the blue is quite tempting too.

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  12. Im a big majestic fan too... I get mine from nordstrom rack...
  13. Ah, I wish I had access to Nordies Rack!

  14. Is this at Holt's?

    Leone's has a couple of Majestic tanks (black and white) but they are made of modal. I passed because I was looking for linen. If you think Holt's carries Majestic but rebranded, that is pretty exciting. I'm in dire need for new layering tanks, I wear mine all the time.

    Congrats on your Bal too!
  15. Hi Jelly, this is at Holts! They have a big collection of Majestic -- lots of linen and linen/silk pieces right now. I was a bit overwhelmed actually. :biggrin: When you do check it out, let me know if my assumption is correct.

    Thanks, I love my Bal and will take her out for a spin tonight!

    Congrats on your move to a bigger city -- how exciting!!