Maisie Totes

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  1. Well I had been stalking the coming soon section to see when the Maisie totes were coming up and what price point they would be.
    I stupidly assumed they would be cheaper than the clippers. Just spotted the North South totes are now in stock and are £995! How disappointing and overpriced. Pah! I assumed they would be around the £500/600 mark as essentially they are just a few bits of leather, no hardware etc.
  2. Wow - pricey!
    I suppose the rumoured price rise already applies to the Maisie range?
  3. Don't know about you guys - but these price hikes seem unnecessary, unjustifiable and downright crazy!:nuts: - thank goodness my personal preference is for pre-owned!..:graucho::tup:....
  4. I guess that is true, but I am really getting fed up with the pricing now. I have always told myself I will never pay over £1000 for a bag.

    Paying £910 for my YSL downtown tote was the furthest I ever went before and that gave me palpitations! :P
  5. Indeed, I am not sure I will be buying 'in-season' anymore. Wait for the sales/outlets or stalk naughtipidgins nest :graucho:
  6. What is more depressing is even at sale times a 30% decrease means the bags are still incredibly pricey.
  7. Absolutely ridiculous. I really think my last purchases will be from this winter sale. £1000 for a bag should NOT be the norm. I will have to readjust and enjoy what I have as my salary isn't increasing by 30%
  8. I'm with you on that one Roxie. Preowned are becoming more and more appealing :tup:
  9. The price rise actually makes me furious. I could just about afford my dream bag as the prices are now. But with this hike I suspect I'm about to be priced out of the range
  10. Hear, hear! CP I'll be right behind you...... I think the day I start spending £1000 of my pittance nhs salary on a bag will be the day I'll be sectioned under the mental health act
  11. Preowned princesses unite! Especially if Mulberry is going to price us all out of the new bags market:P
  12. Yip! Preowned takes away the worrying that comes with a new bag that requires babying.
  13. How exactly are Mulberry justifying another price hike? I would like to hear the reasons for this as I certainly won't be able to afford another bag if they go up another 30%
  14. :lol::lol::lol: Thats so funny armcandy and so :true:
    I already have been many times and have decided no more and its good to sane again. Ive been sent to Rehab now.:lolots:

    Its feels gr8 to be :banned:;)
  15. Exactly. I have been on a salary freeze for the last 3 years :sad: not even a 1% increase. These designers are ridiculous. At least mulberry has outlets and sales but still.

    Wonder what the ladies who remember when a Bayswater cost £350 will say to this!