Mais question

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  1. So ladies, I've been on a vacation from Chloe ( see my avatar). But now I am thinking once again about Chloe. My question is... how does the color of the Mais paddy IRL compare to the pictures on Diabro?
    Is it close? I love the idea of a buttery yellow bag. Also, the baby Paddy comes in Mais, right?? TIA!!! :yes:
  2. Mais is more of a "natural" color, not yellowy. I know it looks yellowy on, but it is not anything like the "jaune" color of '06 that WAS yellowy.:sad: I have the mais in the large wallet, and it is a pale beigey color that I would say is closer to a "natural straw" color than anything else. It is definitely not yellowy. I don't know why their picture shows it as such, but it isn't IRL.:shrugs: I have the jaune color in the medium classic paddy ('06), (which is still pictured on if you like that color) and I have it also in the large (17x10) bowler zippy from '06.:heart: I think you should try to see mais IRL if you can because I think it would be a hassle to return it to Also, mais is a very light color if you are thinking about it for every day:smile:
  3. Yea i'm thinking I should see it IRL too. I called a few stores, but no one near me has any Chloes in mais. Maybe soon they will.
  4. I was playing in the Chloe closet this am, and I was comparing the mais wallet to the sand/creme medium paddy and they are almost the exact SAME color! The mais is slightly lighter! :yes: I would say the mais has peachy tones to it! Not yellow at all. NAP still has the "sand" (sometimes called creme) paddy on their website so maybe you could see the color there better. (If I had a digital camera I would post my stuff on here, so you could see the difference, which isn't much of one!) The color on of the mais is WAY off! Nothing like it at all! hgbags on eBay is where I got my small wallet so she may have some pics of the wallet color to show you. roz77772002 got me the mais in the larger size and she may have some pics as well. At least then you could see the color on your computer:smile: :graucho: It's a pretty color for a wallet, but so close to the sand paddy that I have, I wouldn't get the mais for another paddy. If you are looking for a light peachy natural color for a paddy, either the sand or the mais would work!:rolleyes:
  5. Thanks for the advice. After looking at more pictures of mais, does anyone think it is mildly similar to Vanilla?? Cause that would be really great if it was LOL. I love vanilla, but can't get my hands on one.