Mais Onatah?

  1. Mais.JPG Mais 2.JPG Mais 3.JPG Mais 4.JPG
  2. For future questions, please post in the "Authenticate this Louis Vuitton" thread at the top of the LV shopping subforum....I'm sure one of our wonderful experts will be able to help you out. :smile:
  3. i havent seen many onatah pochettes, so im no help..
    but it looks kinda fishy..
  4. Yes, do post this in the Authenticate This thread.
    But yes, that bag was made, but the one pictured is fake..
    As for the pronunciation, most people just say "O-na-tah" with the O being the harshest sound.
  5. oh, thanks guys. I couldn't find the authentication forum... in the bbag section it's not in any sub-forum. :push:
  6. It´s under Shopping:yes: